About Us
AgogoPost is the world's leading information technology service provider for express logistics. The order SaaS system and capacity coordination service provided to customers can greatly improve the efficiency of order placement, order management, batch printing, and reduce logistics and distribution costs. Established in 2010, our service scope covers more than 200 countries and regions around the world, and we are connected with 1,200 logistics carriers around the world, serving more than 600,000 corporate customers and retailers. The average daily express inquiries reached 300 million times and the average annual delivery volume exceeds 800 million pieces, which is deeply trusted by users. Our goal is to provide global enterprises, online retailers, e-commerce platforms, logistics carriers and individual customers with a better e-commerce logistics experience, and grow together with partners by providing high-quality services and valuable functions.
Every year the shipments tracked by our parcel tracking service are more than 100 billion. All information related to parcels and logistics can be tracked and searched in here, including logistics timeliness, delivery time, routing node and so on. Since we always respect the needs of every customer, we have built a good reputation in the industry. We believe that we can achieve success by providing excellent service and valuable functions, and helping partners grow together.
Agogopost Enterprise(a.k.a Agogopost ENT) is a branch of Agogopost, set for e-commerce platforms, online businesses, and brands. Our mission is to bridge the information gap between companies and their clients by making the logistics process more straightforward.
We focus on helping businesses improve their logistics capability by providing one-stop logistics solutions. Our solutions can simplify the technical operations of the logistics process. Therefore, companies can spend their time and energy on things that matter, such as sales and user experience.