How to Find J&T Offices Near Me

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J&T is a leading logistics company in Indonesia. The main service provided by J&T is the delivery of goods and documents throughout Indonesia. However, we sometimes still find it difficult to find the nearest J&T office from your home or the location where you are now. 

J&T Offices Near Me

Here we listed some tips on finding out J&T offices near your home.

#1 Find J&T Office via Google Maps

1. Make sure your GPS feature is active so you can find J&T drop points accurately.

2. Visit Google Maps (Mobile users open the Google Maps application) 

3. Type “nearby J&T” or “J&T near me” in the search box.

4. Google Maps will recommend the nearest J&T office addresses, complete with phone numbers and operating hours

find J&T via google map

Mobile users based on Android and Ios can download the Google Maps application to find the address of the nearest J&T office. 

#2 Find JNE Office via

1. Go to; find "Post Office/Location Search" at features

2. Select courier and city

find j&t via agogopost

3. Click Find and details

J&t via agogopost

#3 Find JNE Office via JNE official Website

J&T provides complete information through the official website. 

The following are the steps to find the nearest J&T drop point using the official J&T website:

1. Visit the official J&T website on your cellphone or computer/laptop.

2. Select the "Find Drop Point" menu

Here is direct link:

4. Enter the district/city or area where you are currently

j&t drop point

5. The official J&T website will provide recommendations for the nearest J&T drop point address or a location that you have previously specified.

J&T droppoint


You already know several ways to find the nearest accurate J&T address. Now you can easily go there to ship your packages. If you want to track your J&T packages, please check "Track J&T package" here.