2 Easy Ways to Track JNE Packages

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How to track your packages from JNE? Just got to enter the parcel's tracking number and you'll get the status with only one click anytime and anywhere. 

How to Track Your JNE Packages?

Here are two ways to track your packages. 

#1 Track JNE Package with

1. Go to

2. Enter the tracking number

jne tracking number

3. Click the tracking button: After entering the tracking number press the button “Track”

Sometimes, you need to select a courier.

jne courier

4. Find your JNE package: Get real-time information of your JNE package online!

jne order status

#2 Track JNE Package with JNE website

You can track your JNE shipments even overseas easily by using Parcel Monitor. 

1. Go to JNE official website,

2. Enter your tracking number

jne tracking via jne

3. Click "Tracking"

4. Find your JNE package status

How can I track my JNE package without a tracking number?

Tracking the parcel of yours without the tracking number is usually impossible. This is frequently typically especially true for orders from onlin shopping. Then just simply in case you've not received a tracking number yet, it is best to look into the order information where you buy your products and contact the customer service.

Where can I find my JNE tracking number?

When you buy a product, you will receive an invoice with JNE tracking number on it. In case you're expecting a package out of an internet seller as Shopee or Lazada, you'll typically get the tracking information once the package is shipped out.

Does JNE Express deliver internationally?

In addition to its office in Indonesia, the company also offers delivery services abroad, suiting to the needs of the consumers. On the other side, global shipping has various JNE Express delivery charges depending upon the location.

The best is that the company offers the very best JNE Express tracking services either abroad or inside the country, making sure to the customers the safety of their order along the way up until its due destination.

How much does JNE shipping cost?

Part of the company's mission is to supply an excellent experience to the clients, which includes various options of providing services with variations in the shipping time and the JNE delivery charges. It varies from the fastest with increased charges than regular to those slower and cheaper than the routine services of JNE Express.

You can get the estimated shipping cost at JNE website.

How can I contact JNE customer service?

If consumers have social media accounts, you can directly tap Twitter @JNE_ID, and Facebook JNE Pusat. This makes it easier to check JNE packages when there are problems in the two ways above. Consumers can also contact JNE  by calling at (021) 2927 8888, email