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Asendia USA

Asendia USA brings over 30 years of experience and relationships in the international shipping and mailing industry, helping US-based e-tailers and mailers reach customers around the globe. Originating in 1986 as Brokers Worldwide, Asendia USA was well-established in the industry when Asendia was formed in 2012. In 2018, Asendia acquired Globegistics, Inc. further strengthening our presence in North America and offering customers nationwide access to our solutions.

Asendia USA is an international and domestic parcel and mail company specializing in the preparation and distribution of parcels, direct mail, business mail, and publications worldwide. We provide warehousing, fulfillment, and worldwide delivery for several top US-based internet retailers and businesses, and are an integrated/preferred carrier for Amazon and eBay. Offering creative solutions, we can work closely with your organization to tailor a shipping program that will exceed your needs and grow your business. Asendia USA currently delivers catalogs and parcels, both domestically and internationally, for etailers based all over the US.

More than just a shipping company

From providing tools to upgrade your website to appeal to international customers, to getting your product to their doorstep, we have the e-Commerce Solutions you need to serve the global market! Fully-landed cost options, comprehensive global shipping and returns management, multicurrency transactions without the risk of fraud, detailed reporting, and much more! Our customized solutions reduce costs, improve transit times, and provide a superior customer experience.

Where are we?

Asendia USA offers solutions via 6 strategically-located major gateway processing centers, including Philadelphia, New York, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. In addition to our nationwide processing facilities, we have remote Sales offices throughout the United States, making access to our dedicated Account Management Team convenient for all customers, regardless of location.

Our Partners

In addition to Asendia’s global strategic partnerships, Asendia USA partners with several local industry players to help us provide more convenient solutions to our customers. These relationships include shipping platform providers, shipping insurance companies, payment platforms, and more. Check out the Asendia USA Partners page for a complete list. We also have local strategic partnerships with the USPS, other leading providers of logistics services, and final-mile delivery companies. These partnerships allow us to provide more businesses across the nation with access to our shipping solutions.

Our Local Mission

Asendia USA is committed to providing efficient, reliable, and effective parcel and mail distribution services for our customers. We offer personalized customer support and simplified solutions that reduce costs and provide consistent transit times. Asendia USA is dedicated to maintaining a fair, open, safe, and team-oriented environment for our valued employees.