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About Belpochta 

The Republican Unitary Enterprise of Posts «Belpochta» (RUE «Belpochta») is the national postal operator of the Republic of Belarus. The company`s mission is to improve the quality and competitiveness of services, to guarantee a sustainable economic development and to increase the prosperity of the staff.

The company`s motto is «Quickness, availability, reliability!».

While performing its mission (to fully meet the legal entities and individuals demands for postal services) RUE «Belpochta» remains the leader of domestic postal market and carries out social standards of mail delivery:

in regions including agro-towns – once a day, not less than 5 days a week;

in regional cities – once or twice a day 6 days a week.

The Republic of Belarus is a member of the Universal Postal Union, RUE «Belpochta» has been awarded with certificates, ensuring the compliance with global quality service standards. The postal cooperation of member countries of the Union ensures the delivery of mail to any part of the world.

According to the data referred to in the Universal Postal Union Integrated Index for Postal Development Report 2019, Belarus takes the 21st place among 172 countries (the 32nd place was taken among 173 countries in 2018).

More than 20,000 postal workers provide postal, courier, financial, banking, insurance and other services every day. The transport and logistics system (1,500+ vehicles, 1,000+ postal routes with the total length of about 160,000 km) and extensive network of postal objects (3,000+) allow RUE «Belpochta» to forward postal items to any part of the Republic of Belarus and throughout the world.

Nowadays RUE “Belpochta” is a universal provider of a wide range of services (postal, banking, insurance, etc.), state, business and public communicator.

The company`s strategic goals are the development of e-commerce, distance and courier services, the enhancement of postal and logistics infrastructure, the digitalization of management and business processes.

The company includes 6 branches, 2 entities and the Recreation Centre «Druzhba».