Bluedart Tracking

Tracking shipments becomes part of your activities as soon as the courier provider delivers your package. Like you will do Bluedart tracking as soon as you ship your parcel with Bluedart service. The question is, what is the better way to do Bluedart Tracking, where to get such shipping tracking tools.

Today, it is quite easy to find Bluedart tracking webpage on the internet. When you use Google search, you can find many web pages that offer Bluedart shipment tracking tools. While in general, the functionality is mostly similar along with the same ease of use well. Therefore, we write this blog in order to provide fruitful information for you on how to do Bluedart Tracking.

Tracking shipment using Bluedart Tracking webpage from Agogopost

One of the available options that you can choose to track Bluedart shipment is to use Bluedart Shipment Tracking from Agogopost. To use it you just need to do the following simple steps:

1. Visit the AgogoPost tracking webpage.

2. Enter Bluedart tracking number that you wish to check.

3. Afterward, execute the status checking by pressing Enter or clicking Track.

Not too long after that, your screen will fetch you the shipment status of your package. Quite simple, isn’t it?

One thing to keep in mind is, in using these tracking tools you must use Bluedart airway bill (or AWB) number as the tracking number. You can find Bluedart AWB number in your Bluedart shipment receipt.

Other Bluedart courier tracking options 

As an alternative, you can also choose other Bluedart tracking tools. Such as using the tracking tool In Bluedart official website homepage. The application is quite similar as we have described before. While the outcome of the Bluedart courier tracking status should be the same.

Bluedart courier tracking without tracking number

It sounds interesting, isn’t it? Yes, there is another option to track Bluedart shipment without the tracking number. However, we can do such Bluedart courier tracking only for the shipment of items that we bought from an online store. Either from Flipkart, Myntra, Amazon, or others.

You can access such a tracking feature through each order detail within your online store account. In many cases, your order details are available under My Order menu of your account. Just find the order details that you wish to check, then click or tap the Track option next to it. Again, the displayed information should be quite similar as described before.

FAQ about Bluedart Tracking

What is Bluedart tracking status mean?

Bluedart tracking status should be quite easy to understand as it is written in plain English. In general, there 7 Bluedart statuses that you need to know, as follows:



Shipment Pick Up

The package already picked up by Bluedart courier

Shipment Arrived

Package arrived in storage area or storage unit or hub

Shipment Further Connected

The package is on the way to the following destination

Shipment Out for Delivery

The package is on the way to the recipient address

Shipment Delivered

Package has been delivered and receipt at destination

On Hold as Requested by Shipper

Shipment on hold, usually waiting for payment process completion

Network Delay, Will Impact Delivery

There is system trouble or traffic problem

What is the Bluedart tracking number?

Like many other courier companies, Bluedart uses the airway bill number as the tracking number. You can find it easily as it is printed in Bluedart airway bill sheet, right below the barcode.

What is Bluedart tracking number format?

The airway bill number format is 13 digits in length and consists of numbers. Example: 14135031536.

Where to find Bluedart tracking number?

Bluedart tracking number or airway bill number is printed on the airway bill document. You can find it right below the barcode.

How many days does it take for Bluedart to deliver area in India?

Bluedart delivery time depends on the weight of the package and the city location. In most cases, will take about 2 to 3 days to deliver the package for an inter-city shipment. A delay may occur if there is a transportation problem, such as a lengthy traffic jam or caused by a weather condition.

How much is Bluedart shipping charge?

Bluedart Shipping charge varies. It depends on the package weight and the distance to the delivery area. For a short inter-city delivery, Bluedart shipping charge is Rs 30 per 500 grams. While for the longest inter-city distance the shipping charge is Rs 50 per 500 grams.

Does Bluedart deliver on Sunday holiday?

Like many other courier providers in India, Bluedart only makes delivery on regular working days. You can call Bluedart customer care number if you want to have your package delivery arranged on Sunday or on a holiday.

Can I get free delivery on Bluedart?

Bluedart free delivery is available for online order delivery, either through Flipkart, Myntra, or others. As such, usually applied on a specific big amount of purchase. In many cases, you have to buy an item from an online store that costs more than Rs 5000 to get free delivery.

What is Bluedart tracking customer care number?

Bluedart customer care number is 1860 233 1234. The customer care number is available from 08:00 am up to 10:00 pm.

What type of items can be tracked on Bluedart?

You can track any item that shipped with Bluedart. Either for a direct shipment or for an online order shipment.

How to contact Bluedart customer service

There are 3 available options that you can choose to contact Bluedart customers. Call the customer care phone number, send an email, or use the Contact Us page on Bluedart official website.

Phone number: 1860 233 1234


How can I file a complaint to Bluedart?

For a complaint regarding delivery matters, we suggest you contact Bluedart customer care phone number. When doing so, make sure to prepare the airway bill details, your personal ID, and other data. During the complaint, the responding Bluedart customer service executive will ask you to provide that information.


That is all that we can provide to you in this Blog. We wish you find the information useful when tracking your Bluedart shipment. Feel free to leave a comment for us in the comment box below. Do not forget to bookmark this blog page as your reminder in the future. 

Thank you for your time.