Canada Post Tracking

Brief introduction of Canada Post

Canada Post is 150 years old. Canada Post delivers 38 million pieces of mail in Canada and around the world in a single working day. Through its extensive retail network, Canada Post communicates and delivers 30 million Canadian individuals and 900,000 businesses and public institutions.


To meet the growing demand from online retailers and shoppers, Canada Post is offering a new online service. And it also provides a variety of delivery options. This includes secure delivery, evening delivery, and Saturday delivery. 


In daily life, people's bank statements, telephone bills, various bills, checks, driving licenses, health cards, maple cards, credit cards, and other important letters and documents are delivered through the post office. This proves that Canada's postal service has a good reputation as a guarantee.


Canada is the second-largest country in the world. Its vast territory and harsh weather bring many difficulties to the postal service. After the reform and opening of the mail delivery market, Canada Post is faced with fierce market competition.


There are more than 2000 competitors in the parcel business alone. According to statistics, about 53% of Canadians surf the Internet every day. The development of communication technology and the popularization of the Internet have undoubtedly changed the way of communication for a considerable part of Canadians. 


In the face of so many challenges, Canada Post's success has not come easily. A closer look at its success shows that the fundamental tenet of "putting the user first" shines through Canada Post's reform efforts.


Canada Post is organized in a divisional form. The chairman and members of its board of directors are appointed by the state. The president and CEO are in overall charge of day-to-day work. 


The executive vice president is responsible for the management of postal production and operation. Is also subordinate departments such as marketing, sales, and retail have their own complete human, financial and material management systems. 


In the case of retail, the vice president of retail has the general managers of operations, marketing, finance, legislation, and four regional general managers. It is easy to find that the Marketing Department and sales department. They are closely related to users and markets, occupy an important position in the organization.


Tracking Number Format

Canada post tracking number can consist of 16 numbers (for example, 1111 1111 1111 1111) or 13 characters that include letters and numbers (for example, AA 111 111 111 AA). You can also track an item using a delivery notice card or reference number. Agogopost provides a Canada post tracking service. Click here and input your Canada Post tracking number.