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About Correios

The Brazilian Post has originated in Brazil on January 25, 1663 and, ever since, is being modernized, creating and making available quality services corresponding to clients’ expectations.

The company has an important role in social integration and inclusion, an indispensable role for national development. Its billing composition gains 54.3% of revenue with exclusive services (letter, telegram and grouped correspondence), so that the market reserve of these three services is essential for the survival and warranty of mail services universalization.

Hand in hand with social branch, Correios offers solutions, with cutting-edge technology to respond to companies and institutions communication needs in an increasingly competitive market.  That’s Sedex case, created in 1982, which has become one of the main company’s products and leads expresses sector in Brazil.  During the last years, the service has added new modalities like e-Sedex, Sedex 10, Sedex 12, Sedex Hoje and Sedex Mundi, streamlining more the delivery of orders.

Due to the solid capillarity of the company, the financial services rendering in Correios agencies is an increasingly important contribution to bank inclusion for millions of Brazilian people. Since the creation of the Postal Bank, thousands of people, who previously had to travel to a neighbor city to carry out a simple bank operation, now can count on the comfort to make it at their own city.

Impelled by technologic, economic and social changes, Correios has begun in 2011 a deep modernization process. With Law 12.490/11 sanction, the company has enlarged its acting field and was equipped with modern tools for corporate management in order to face competition with more agile and efficient services rendering to the whole society.

With the new law, Correios can act in foreign countries and in electronic, financial and integrated logistics services mail segments; constitute subsidiaries, acquire share control or participation in established companies and contract commercial partnerships that add value to its brand and to its network. This new positioning will contribute to make of ECT a “world class” company, outstanding for its practices and results, matching the confidence of Brazilian citizen who have always trusted Correios.