Delhivery tracking: How to track Delhivery couriers?

Delhivery tracking - Are you facing problems while tracking your Delhivery shipment? Has your package not been delivered yet?  If Delhivery tracking is your concern and you are unaware of the procedure of tracking your shipment, then Agogopost is the correct platform for you. This article will guide you step by step in tracking your Delhivery consignment. 

How to track Delhivery tracking? 

Tracking a delivery courier is a method of maintaining transparency between the sender-receiver and the shipment company. The users get anxious understandably regarding the delivery of their shipment, as there is a third-party intervention. Therefore

Orders and packages of various shipping courier services can be tracked down by using the Agogopost tracking tool. On your mobile phone, you can simply download the Agogopost application from the Google Play Store or other android application providers. The app provides a one-stop solution to all logistical tracking issues. 

The stepwise procedure of shipment tracking is:

1) Type in your tracking number to the search box above

2) Click the track button

3) Check the status of your package shipment. The page will appear with all the necessary details of your package. when was it shipped, what is its current shipment status, when will it be delivered, when was it picked up, and every thing that you need to know in order to track your package. 

How to find a Delhivery tracking number?

The numbers provided on the packages while they are shipped called tracking numbers. These tracking numbers are unique for each parcel being shipped. Therefore these numbers are the reference ID for each package. 

Once you have registered a shipment with Delhivery, the company will provide you with the tracking ID. Once you enter the tracking id in the  'track order' pop-up box on the delivery website, you will receive an OTP, and thus you can track your order. 

What is the format of Delhivery tracking numbers?

A combination of 12 numeric characters is the most popular tracking number format for Delhivery shipments. If you are not receiving adequate information for whatever reason, you can contact Delhivery customer service to obtain your correct AWB number.

 (e.g., 164865689552)

How to track packages without a tracking number?

Your package can either be tracked with the tracking id or your mobile number, or the LTL shipment number. So even if you lose your tracking id or don't receive one, you can proceed with your mobile number on the Delhivery website. 

You can also contact the customer care service where their team can provide solutions to your problems. 

FAQ on Delhivery tracking:

What is Delhivery?

Delhivery is an Indian logistics company that processes millions of orders every month. The company provides shipment within as well as outside the country. Tracking these orders sometimes becomes cumbersome and confusing for the users. They need to proceed stepwise to track their order. This article aims to help users with their Delhivery tracking and prove that it is easier than it seems. 

Delhivery Private Limited is one of India's most successful and valuable logistics companies. It focuses mainly on internet commerce. Founded in 2011, Delhivery has prospered over the years and established itself worthy of the fellow competitors of the market. With the first openings in Delhi and Gurgaon, Delhivery has developed into a multimillion-dollar corporation that today serves 12000 pin codes in 1200 cities. It processes about 10 million orders every month and employs over 15000 people.

Delhivery is an ISO-certified organization with a strong presence in India. SoftBank invested $413 million in Delhivery in March 2019, making it the company's most significant round of funding. Delhivery raised $277 million in advance of its IPO in May 2021, valuing the firm at $3 billion.

Does Delhivery provide international shipping facilities?

Delhivery does provide international shipment facilities. Delhivery's cross-border end-to-end international shipping and fulfillment service offers excellent service at low prices. 

International shipment does not necessarily require Ocean or Air freights. Delhivery offers on-road door-to-door shipment dropping within SAARC countries. They have a thoroughly connected road freight network across all SAARC countries. Delhivery provides partial truckload or full truckload delivery according to SME needs. 

If there are any roadblocks, Delhivery can arrange for on-demand warehousing facilities to temporarily store your goods so that you don't have to pay detention fees. They offer enough warehouse services (self and agent networks) — with options of bonded, non-bonded, and Free Trade Zone (FTZ) warehousing — in key ports and cities, regardless of the mode of transportation you pick for your company. Using their in-house warehouse management system, Delhivery provides complete visibility for small business owners even within the warehousing site.

How much does Delhivery charge? 

The pricing of delivery depends on several factors like:

The type of delivery scheme being used

The weight of the package

Whether the delivery is within the country or outside

If within the country, then the type of cities (metro cities/ tier 2/ tier 3) to which goods will be picked up and delivered to. 

You can check the price of a shipment on their website by entering the pin codes of the sender and receiver and mentioning the size of the parcel being shipped (small/ medium/ large)

To provide a rough estimate, Picking and delivering a 500-gram package in the NCR costs Rs 30 to 35, moving a packet (same weight) to metro areas costs Rs 40- Rs 45, and tier-2 and tier-3 locations cost Rs 50. It charges anything from 1.2X to 1.5X the cost of forwarding logistics for reverse logistics.

Can I get free delivery on Delhivery?

Although free delivery is not an option on the Delhivery portal, coupon codes and discounts can be applied to orders. These are limited edition coupons that the company launches either with any brand integration or during festivities.  

How much time does Delhivery take to deliver packages?

For people using the express parcel feature, delivery of packages up to 10 kg takes place within 24 to 48 hours. For long-distance delivery, it may take up to a maximum of 4 days. The time of delivery is dependent primarily upon the type of delivery option one chooses and the distance in between the sender and the receiver's location. Once the shipment is out for dispatch, Delhivery personnel try to deliver the consignment within 10 am to 8 pm on that very day, until and unless some hindrance occurs in the delivery process to a specific day being a holiday or a Sunday. 

Does Delhivery pay for damaged deliveries?

Delhivery shall take responsibility for any damage or loss to the shipping of a consignment in transit, up to the value reported at the time of booking, or Rs 2,000/- (Rupees Two Thousand Only), whichever is less.

Does Delhivery provide services on weekends and holidays?

Delhivery works on a model where they provide the delivery services round-the-clock throughout a week for 365 days every year. This 24/7 work model ensures delivery of consignments even on weekends and national holidays.

Can personal couriers be delivered using Delhivery?

 Customers can easily plan convenient pick-ups and follow their goods in real-time using Delhivery's transport management system for deploying domestic couriers in India. Their domestic parcel service manages and returns items and assists with fraud detection.

How to connect with customer care?

The toll-free number of Delhivery customer care service is: 0124 671 9500

First and foremost, you may approach Delhivery by dialing the phone number provided above. You can reach out to them on any day of the week between Monday and Saturday. The hours are 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and evening.

Delhivery has a Customer service Email ID:, which you may use to contact them. is another email support address that Delhivery responds to. 

You may also tweet any shipping or logistical difficulties to @delhivery and @helpdelhivery on Twitter.

With a waiting period of 2 to 3 minutes at the most, Delhivery customer services have a reputation of providing fast and precise solutions to general problems that a user comes across while using their services. Some of them are: 

Tracking Delhivery orders when it takes longer than usual. 

Status of the package

Cost of sending a gift or consignment

Inquiry on the pin code coverage of a specific area

Complaints and grievances

And so on. The customer care executives look towards providing an end-to-end logistical service. 

How can I file a complaint to Delhivery?

To file a complaint, you can mail it directly to the email ids mentioned above or contact the customer care executives to look into the matter. They will take over the process of lodging a complaint from there.

Is there another way to track Delhivery packages?

Delhivery has devised a system to provide complete control to its clients, where they can track their orders at every step. you can visit their website and follow the mentioned steps:

To begin the tracking procedure, obtain your order number or airway bill number. You may find the order/AWB number on the parcel dispatching billing form.

If you have an AWB number, it most likely includes a 12-digit numeric code 

When you have all of these details with you, you may begin the tracking procedure.

For a detailed examination of the scanning status, enter the shipment number and click on the track button. Using space, you can keep track of several numbers and consignments.

How does Agogopost help you in package tracking?

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