DHL Tracking

1. Visit or just go to the search box above.

2. Type in the DHL tracking number that you wish to check.

3. Click the “Track” button.

After a few moments, the status of your DHL parcel status shall be displayed on your screen.

About DHL International

DHL was founded in 1969 in California for international express customers. DHL service network covers more than 220 countries and regions. To date, DHL has monopolized the global air express market share of about 40%.


DHL is founded in the United States. Germany and the United States for the current joint venture express freight company is one of the world's largest air express freight companies. The world leader in express, intercontinental, and air freight, and the world's number one shipping and contract logistics provider.


DHL HIstory

1969 DHL business is founded in San Francisco by Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom, and Robert Lynn.


From 1976 to 1978, it expanded its business into the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa.


In 1979, DHL expanded its service to include package delivery. Before that, it only provided the file delivery service.


In 1986, DHL established a joint venture in China and became the first international express company to serve in China. DHL Air Cargo is known as DHL Sinotrans in mainland China through partnerships.


In 1998, Deutsche Post became a shareholder in DHL.


In 2003, DHL's stake in Sinotrans reached 5%, thus becoming sinotrans's largest strategic investor. Deutsche Post, DHL, and Postbank form the group's current brand structure.


In December 2005, Deutsche Post global Networks acquired Exel, a British logistics brand, for 5.5 billion euros. Exel's main business is providing transportation and logistics solutions to key customers.


Advantage of DHL

DHL is one of the four international logistics giants, suitable for global delivery and relatively stable and fast.


The German company is the first international logistics giant to enter China.  DHL currently has 675,000 destination stations in 229 countries and over 20,000 vehicles. Also, it has more than 60,000 employees, and over 300 aircraft in the US and Europe.  


Germans do things very professionally!  Smallgoods to the global price time is very advantageous.  In addition, DHL eCommerce is a public institution newly entered into China by DHL.


Its business, Express, Global Forwarding, and Supply Chain complement each other, providing logistics services for the whole industrial chain.  


Format of DHL Tracking Number

A DHL tracking number is composed of tens digits, with the last digit being the relative digit. According to the principle of arrangement and combination, theoretically, the NUMBER segment of DHL is recycled between 0000000011------ 99999996. 


Each country is assigned a segment within this range, because the volume of business is increasing greatly every year, and the use of tracking numbers is also increasing year by year.  


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