DotZot Tracking

DotZot Tracking. Enter tracking number to track DotZot courier delivery status online. You can find the location and status of your shipment by entering the tracking number in the box.

About DotZot

We at DotZot are committed to ensuring that everyone in India participates in e-commerce. We are committed to enhancing the e-retail delivery experience by focusing on design, technology and processes.

We are responsible for order fulfillment, collection, transportation, tracking and package delivery. We also provide reverse logistics and agency distribution services.

We are the first company in India to create a unique delivery network and store pickup and return services. At the same time, this also allows us to improve customer experience and rationalize costs.

We have 180 offices, more than 8,400 employees, and 10,000 channel partners. They can provide services to more than 1 million companies, businesses and individuals at home or through pickup points.

The most extensive professional electronic retail distribution network

DotZot is a part of DTDC Group of companies. The group has created the largest delivery network in India along with a strong International presence. DotZot has a huge network of more than 50,000 employees and partners, focusing on e-retailing.

Our latest move in this regard is to cover 100 regions of India (make sure no villages are missed). This is the result of our unique delivery model.

Key Figures

It provides delivery services for more than 10,000 passwords, covering 2,300 cities

It has 142 branches and 19 hubs in India

More than 8,400 employees and 10,000 delivery partners

Two electronic fulfillment centers

India's fully available area-100

1,000 store receiving points

Simple and fast integrated solution


Due to the popularity of Magento, we introduced the Magento order upload tool to send your items as easily as possible.

Discover and integrate DotZot plugin for Magento. Then you will be able to benefit from our fast delivery solutions. This solution can be flexibly delivered to your home address, local pickup point or business (workplace).

CSV upload

The CSV upload tool provides the shortest path for uploading orders.

Just contact us to create your login name. Then share the generated sales data format with us. We will configure the service and your cargo in order to send your package using any of our preferred services.

Advantages of our module:

Various transportation solutions, including DotZot Express, Economic or Plus, come with the rates and Air Waybill numbers.

Search and select pick points via geographic visualization web services on the map.

Integration solutions

Do you want to integrate DotZot service directly into the web interface?

To this end, we provide you with the following services:

Create an interface between your back office or order management system and our order upload utility.

Generate package tracking links for you and your customers to track their package progress.

Introduce how to integrate the DTDC pickup shop service into your e-commerce site.

How to track DotZot couriers?

There are two ways to track the real time status of DotZot. The first is to track the logistics status through the CSV tool provided by DotZot. CSV can get step-by-step logistics information.

In addition, agogopost can also provide global logistics tracking services (including other companies in India, such as DTDC). After entering the tracking number on agogopost, the detailed status of the logistics will appear on the page. In addition, agogopost can also update the logistics status in real time. When the logistics status is updated in real time, agogopost will synchronize in real time.

If you have more questions, please contact us.