DTDC Tracking

Are you a regular customer of DTDC courier? You must be familiar with the DTDC tracking activity as soon as you have your package is picked up or shipped by DTDC. If you are a first-time user, you might wonder how to do DTDC tracking to check the latest status of your package. 

We are here to help you with how to check your package shipment. Therefore, we suggest you continue reading this blog. As we will share the how-to guide for DTDC tracking.

DTDC Tracking online tracking tools

For a first-time user, the first question is where to get DTDC tracking tools. Most of us will directly reply “Just google it!”. As soon as you type the right keyword, Google search shall present a lengthy list of DTDC tracking links. As which you will have another question of what DTDC tracks to choose.

DTDC tracking tools from Agogopost

Among many courier shipment tracking tools on the internet, we suggest using DTDC tracking from Agogopost. It is pretty simple as other tracking tools are used. Just do the following simple steps to check your shipment status:

1. Visit Agogopost tracking webpage

2. Click on the Enter tracking number field, then type in the tracking number that you want to check.

3. As soon as you press Enter or click Track, the latest status of your shipment will be displayed on your screen.

Please note, this tracking tool aims to check DTDC shipment in India only. In that regard, we will explain how to do DTDC tracking in other countries within the next topics.

DTDC Tracking in India

Aside from the tracking tools as mentioned before. You can use other tracking options. One of the choices is using the tracking feature on DTDC official website at 

It is located right on the left-hand corner of the DTDC home page. It is an “easy to use” tracking tool as well. This tracking feature is aimed at DTDC tracking in India. You are required to enter the shipment airway bill (AWB) as the tracking number. 

Another option is, using the order number to track the shipment of a package that you purchased from an online store. So, you must click Ref. No as your choice for such tracking option.

At the end, after you click track, the information produced by this tracking option should look the same as the one that we have described before.

DTDC Tracking in USA

What about DTDC tracking in the USA or in other countries? No worries, you can use the global DTDC tracking tools for such needs. Below are the steps to do so:

1. Visit DTDC global website at

2. Proceed by choosing the desired country, choose the United States. Afterward, you will see the TRACK YOUR SHIPMENT feature displayed on your screen.

3. Continue by entering the AWB number to track, followed by pressing Enter or click SEARCH to proceed.

FAQ about DTDC Tracking

What does DTDC tracking status mean?

The displayed status produced by DTDC track is written in plain English. So, it is quite easy to understand. Below are 7 DTDC’s statuses that you need to know:



Softdata Uploaded

The shipment order has been recorded in the DTDC system and waiting for confirmation

Booked at Facility

The shipment order has been confirmed and Pick Up has been arranged

Processed & Forwarded to Facility

The package has been Picked Up and on its way to a Drop Off facility

Processed & Forwarded from Facility

The package is on its way to another Drop Off of Hub Facility

Received at Hub

Package has arrived at Hub Facility

Out for Delivery

The package is on its way for delivery at destination

Successfully Delivered

Package has been delivered and received at the destination

Not Delivered

The package has not been delivered. Address not found

How to track DTDC courier without tracking number?

You can only track DTDC shipment without the tracking number or AWB number, for shipment of packages bought from online stores. As you can use the Order ID as the reference number. Another option is to use the Track feature in each online order detail. You can access such track features through your online store account.

How to find DTDC tracking number?

The tracking number used in DTDC tracking is the AWB bill number. It is printed in the AWB receipt slip and located right under the barcode. It is 8 digits long. Begins with letters and followed by a combination of numbers.

How many days does it take for DTDC to deliver into an area in India?

DTDC delivery will vary depending on the distance and the type of delivery services we choose. In general, it would take 2 to 3 working days for short-distance inter-city delivery. While for the longer delivery distance it could take around 4 to 7 working days.

How long does DTDC take to deliver from India to the USA?

Again. It depends on the type of courier service. For an express delivery, it will take around 2 to 7 working days. While for regular shipment the delivery time will take about 7 to 14 days working days.

How much does DTDC charge?

For a standard package, DTDC will charge Rs 100 per kilogram. Please note, an additional charge will be affected for international delivery.

Does DTDC deliver on Sunday holiday?

Like other courier services providers in India, DTDC only delivers packages on working days. For urgent matters to deliver packages on Sunday or Holiday can be arranged on request. You can contact DTDC customer care number at 7305770577 to speak with DTDC customer service staff to get such delivery arrangements.

Can I get free delivery on DTDC?

Free delivery usually is part of the promotion strategy of a particular online store. So, you can only get it if you buy a specific item online that has such a free DTDC delivery promotion. Obviously, you may have to buy an item that could cost you at least Rs 5000 or more.

What is DTDC customer care number?

DTDC customer care phone number is 7305770577. It is a hotline service. Available during working days from Monday to Saturday, 9:30 am – 6:00 pm IST.

How to contact DTDC customer service?

You can contact DTDC customer service by calling the customer care phone number as mentioned above. Another option is, using Raise an inquiry form that is available on the DTDC support webpage. A membership registration is required to access this Raise an inquiry form.

Who is DTDC?

DTDC is a courier company, it was established in 1990 and is headquartered in Bangalore. It has 7 regional offices, 20 strategically located regional offices, and more than 430 operating organizations in India. Through a cooperation strategy, DTDC began to transform from an express document service provider to a comprehensive parcel-driven enterprise.

The brand name has now been renamed DTDC Express Limited. And the strategy behind the brand rearrangement is to position DTDC as a complete express logistics company. It means that DTDC provides great value in the markets in which it operates globally.

Through its businesses and business partners, DTCC Express also provides services in 240 countries and regions around the world. A key part of the success of the DTDC network is the contribution of its employees. It consists of a family of 35,000 people dedicated to the spirit of service, including employees, franchisees, and their partners.


Best Service Providing Company


Due to our franchising business model, DTDC grew by nearly 24% last year. But as mentioned earlier, the future depends on the quality of services we provide. Therefore, the DTDC board of directors is happy to announce the beginning of the new decade. We will do everything possible to obtain the status of BSPC and be recognized as the "Best Service Organization".

The BSPC creed now drives all the efforts of the organization and guides the actions of all employees and franchisees. BSPC is now set as a goal, and every DTDCian has the motivation to achieve this goal. The following are some of the main activities carried out by DTDC to become a BSPC:

1. Use Six Sigma process to achieve perfection of lean service

2. Make more use of technology to provide information faster

3. Establish coordination and efficiency between departments and strengthen back-end services

4. Excellent customer service, processing queries with the faster response speed

5. Every step of the service level must achieve nearly perfect customer satisfaction


That is all of the information that we can share with you regarding DTDC tracking. We hope you now have known on how to do DTDC tracking. Last but least, we thank you for your time in reading this blog. Feel free to give us your comment using the commentary box below.