Ecom Express Tracking

After shipping your package with Ecom it is obvious that you are eager to find out the shipment status. You might also get the same eagerness after buying items from an online store. Especially if the items are valuable or perhaps quite important for your needs. Then, using Ecom Express Tracking tools it is the answer to your quest. 

You can find many Ecom Express courier tracking tools on the internet. As soon as you google it, you will get a lengthy list of webpage links on your display. The question is, which one is the simplest tool to use, and perhaps, the fastest in fetching you the result of your Ecom tracking status.

Your choices of Ecom Express Tracking Tools

In this blog, we will describe the number of Ecom Express Tracking web pages that you can use. The tracking tools that we choose are to track Ecom shipment from an online store or by direct shipment.

Ecom Express Courier Tracking from Agogopost

You made the right choice by using Ecom Express Tracking tools from Agogopost. To use it just do the following simple steps:

1. Copy-paste or click this link to access the tracking tools webpage.

2. Enter the Tracking number.

3. Proceed by pressing Enter or click Track.

Soon after a short while, the status of your shipment will be displayed on your screen.

Ecom Express Order Tracking bought from Flipkart

You can use this tracking after you bought a package online on Similar to before, you can simply do the tracking in a few steps as follows:

1. Visit the tracking webpage by clicking this link Flipkart Ecom Order Tracking.

2. Click the Enter Tracking Number field, then type in the Flipkart tracking number that you wish to track.

3. Followed by pressing Enter or clicking Track to proceed. 

Then after a brief moment, your tracking status will appear on your screen.

Ecom Express Order Tracking bought from Myntra

Another option is to track your package shipment bought online in Myntra. Again, is simple and you can do the tracking with the following simple steps:

1. Open the tracking tools webpage by clicking this link Myntra Ecom Order Tracking.

2. type in the Myntra tracking number that you wish to track in the Enter Tracking Number field.

3. Then press Enter or click Track to execute the tracking. Afterward, the tracking status will appear on your screen after a few moments.

Other Option to track Ecom Express Shipment

Aside from those tracking tools, you can also track Ecom Shipment from Ecom Express official website. You can find the order tracking feature in Ecom Express home page. Located in the top right corner after the menu bars.

Alternatively, you can also use the tracking tools in Ecom Express apps using a cell phone. To use it you must first need to download and install Ecom Express apps in your android cell phone.

FAQ about Ecom Express Tracking

What is Ecom Express tracking status mean?

In general, there are 7 statuses of Ecom Express shipment. A brief explanation of each status is as follows:

● Information Received: Shipment order has been received and recorded in Ecom Express system.

● Pickup Completed: The package has been picked by Ecom Express shipping personnel.

● Connected: The package is on its way and has been handed over to a connecting hub.

● In-Transit: The package has to stay for transit in a gateway center and will continue to travel on the next day.

● Reached Delivery Center: The package has arrived in a delivery center, the closest to the destination location.

● Out for Delivery: The package has been picked up by the delivery personnel and is on its way to the receiving address.

● Delivered: The package has been arrived and delivered to the recipient.

What is the Ecom Express tracking number?

Ecom Express tracking number is the airway bill number.

What is Ecom Express tracking number format?

Ecom Express tracking number or airway bill number consists of 10 digits length, mostly numbers, e.g.: 8510470239.

Where to find Ecom Express tracking number?

For a direct shipment order, you can find Ecom Express tracking number within the airway bill details. It is printed right below the barcode. In the case of online store package shipment, you can find Ecom Express tracking number in the respective order details. 

You can access your order details through your online store account. You can also find it within the order confirmation email sent to you by the online store.

How many days does it take for Ecom Express to deliver a package in India?

Ecom Express delivery services will take about 24 hours to 3 days. The delivery time will depend on the distance to the destination location. 

How much does Ecom Express charge?

The average shipment rate is Rs 30 per 500 grams for relatively close inter-city delivery with a maximum up to 100 km distances. Beyond 100 km to 200 km the shipment rate is about Rs 36 per kg. For exact shipping rates, we recommend contacting Ecom Express customer service for an inquiry.

Does Ecom Express deliver on Sundays or holidays?

As a standard rule, Ecom Express only delivers on normal working days. For Sunday or holiday delivery service,  can be arranged by contacting Ecom Express customer service.

Can I get free delivery on Ecom Express?

Sometimes you can get a free delivery service from Ecom Express when you buy an item from an online store. However, as such requires a specific order amount which is probably beyond Rs 5000.

What is Ecom Express customer care number or email?

Phone: +91-8826398220


What type of items can be tracked on Ecom Express?

You can track any time as long as it is shipped by Ecom Express.

How can I file a complaint to Ecom Express?

The best way to file a complaint is to contact Ecom Express customer number (see above). Another option is to use the Post Your Query from in Ecom Express “Contact Us” page.

How to contact Ecom Express customer service?

You can contact Ecom Express customer service by calling the customer care number or by sending an email as mentioned above.

Is Delhivery and Ecom Express the same?

Both are completely different companies. Delhivery and Ecom Express are known as the top courier service companies in India.

What is Ecom Express development?

Ecom Express India announced that it had received a private equity financing of INR 1.92 billion. This investment was lead by Eagle bay Investment, a private equity firm under Warburg Pincus.

In 2015, Warburg Pincus Investment Group invested 8.5 billion Indian rupees in Ecom Express. In September 2014, Ecom Express also received 750 million Indian rupees. The investor, Peepul Capital, was a private equity firm.

In the logistics industry, the investment transactions of Warburg Pincus Investment Group in the United States have been relatively active. Before this investment, the company also invested $75 million in Rivigo and a third-party logistics company called Stellar Value Chain.

Warburg Pincus Investment Group has also invested $413 million in seven logistics startups, including automotive portals, LaurusLabs, and Kalyan Jewellers.

The four co-founders of Ecom Express benipatti are T.A. Krishnan, Manju Dhawan, etc. They were all former executives of the Indian express company Blue Dart. Previously, Ecom Express only provided last-mile delivery services. Recently they have begun to expand their business to other express services, such as receiving goods, etc.

The services provided by Ecom Express include cash on delivery, reverse logistics, direct shipping, and same-day express services. Its customers are all well-known e-commerce companies in the Indian local market.

Ecom Express's logistics services cover 11,000 pin code areas across India. It operates 1,200 distribution centers and 33 transit centers. The company's competitors in the Indian market include Delhivery, Xpressbees, and Ekart under the e-commerce giant Flipkart.


Well, that is all of the information that we can share with you regarding Ecom Express tracking. We hope you can find it useful when you ship your package with Ecom Express. If you have any suggestions or comments, we welcome you to type them into the comment box below. By the way, do not forget to bookmark this page if you like the contents. Thank you for your time.