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About EF logistics

Service Driven Culture & Innovative Solutions

At the heart of our value proposition lies two integral, inextricable parts: A question and the culture that drives from its answer.

The question is simply, What if? 

This question is a manifestation of our opportunistic optimism. Of our relentless desire to be challenged and tested. Of our determination to overcome. All of which spurs our innovative, inquisitive ethos that drives us to succeed, to find, test and implement unique, innovative solutions that maximize customer value and operational excellence.

This answer results in the development of an intense customer service culture that binds allour teams as they collectively dedicate themselves to focusing on finding new ways to help our customers succeed. All of this whilst enabling us to continuously strive in our own quest for excellence and improved efficiency. 


Safety is beyond compromise – for each other, for our families, for our environment and for our future.

We strive to promote a culture of safety the prioritizes the well being of our customers and our employees One of our main objectives is to achieve zero job-related injuries and accidents. We use training and technology to continuously improve our safety ecosystem.

Our commitment to safe practices is evident in the strict compliance measures that guide our operations; the results of which aid in the reduction of cargo damage, whilst improvingsecurity and enhancing worker safety.

We do things the right way, the first time. Our workplaces are collaborative and supportive. We take care of each other and we constantly seek to improve the safety of our operations, from trucks and docks to warehouses and offices.


In these globally dynamic times companies need to be pragmatic, flexible and innovative; opportunities arise in an instant and one must be ready to seize upon them. Whether it be the reinventing industries and changing traditional approaches, to providing unique solutions that shape the future of how a business can meet its customers needs. We embrace change and we love a challenge. We thrive on solving our customers challenges and creating maximum value and efficiency for our customers and their customers in turn.


Our values stem from respect, from the acknowledgment of each other’s unique, individual strengths that serve to define this company. Whether it be our employees, our customers or our partners; each brings their own perspective and expertise, that is the main strength of this company. It is this that allows for the spotting of unnoticed opportunities, of creating new markets and developing innovative ways to efficiently and effectively tackle challenges and tests as they come. Knowing that come what may we will always Act honestly, ethicallyand professionally.

“The Evolution of Logistic Services”

EF Logistics is proud to be an affiliate of El Masria for Warehousing Services, West Cairo’s premier warehouse complex owner and operator, with a 20-year history of pacesetting excellence and over 80000 m2 of the highest specification, licensed, warehouse spaces available in Cairo.

EF Logistics is the management arm of El Masria, offering complete 3PL Logistics and Warehousing services to the Egyptian market, and is currently in the midst of expansion into other regions and services.