A Simple Way to Track eKart Shipment

After sending your package to eKart for shipment you usually are tempted to know the status afterward. Especially when you just shipped an important package. How to do the tracking? eKart tracking is the answer. Next to eKart Tracking on eKart website, there are number of similar tracking sites that you can use.

You can use eKart Tracking from as one of the options. That is why we made this article for you. In this article next to eKart tracking you will get other precious information regarding eKart shipment services. So, we suggest you read this article until the end, then you shall know much information regarding eKart shipment services.

How to track eKart package?

As we have said before you can use eKart Tracking from as one of the options. It is simple and only in a few steps as follows:

1. Visit eKart Tracking from or just enter the tracking ID to the search box above.

How to track eKart package?

eKart Shipment Tracking from

2. Click the Tracking Number field, then type in the eKart tracking number that you wish to check.

3. Complete it by pressing Enter or clicking the Track button.

After a few moments, the status of your eKart package journey shall be displayed on your screen.

Alternatively, you can track packages by visiting the AgogoPost homepage. Check this video to learn more.

FAQ on Ekart Tracking

What is eKart tracking number? 

eKart tracking number is the waybill number in your eKart shipment waybill. Consist of 14 digits in length with 4 alphabet prefixes followed by 10 digits of the number. Such as FMPC0338100073 or AAAA 9999 9999 99.

You will need eKart tracking number when you track a shipment other than the package that you bought from an online store.

Does Ekart deliver on Sundays and holidays?

eKart is renowned for its delivery reputation including delivery during Sundays and holidays. However, for holiday delivery we must contact eKart agents or customer services to arrange to time.

What are the shipping fees of Ekart?

In India, eKart is well known for its competitive shipping costs. Whereas the amount of the shipping costs vary depending on package dimensions, destination, and type of service.

For a package with up to 1 kilogram, the shipping cost is US$ 2.

The shipping will cost you more if you choose the express delivery services.

Can I get free delivery on eKart?

You can get eKart free delivery when you purchase a promotion sale from Flipkart. As such, a minimum purchase amount is set. Usually for a package with a minimum of US$100 in price. 

In that regard, you must regularly check the Flipkart website to get information on promotion sales.

How many days does it take for eKart to deliver?

eKart delivery time depends on the destination and the type of services requested by the customer. If you choose a standard delivery service, the approximate delivery time is 4 to 5 working days. For the express service, regardless of the destination, eKart delivery time is between 2 to 3 working days.

How do I complain to eKart?

If you have any complaints about eKart you can call eKart Customer service at 1800-208-9898 or send an email to When doing so, make sure to mention your eKart waybill number and your ID. You need to explain the complaint story as well. Either when you call the customer service contact or send a complaint by email.

How to contact eKart Customer Service?

You can contact eKart Customer Service during office hours. Either for inquiry or to issue a complaint.

Phone: 1800 208 9898


What is eKart?

eKart is one of the most renowned courier services providers in India. A subsidiary company of Flipkart. eKart courier services was establish in 2012. Since then, eKart continues expanding its network in serving courier services in India and in South Asia region.

What other choices to track eKart package?

Next to using eKart Tracking from you can also use the tracking feature of the respective online shop. Particularly after you just bought something online and have chosen to ship your package using eKart. Therefore, in the topics, we explain to you how to do eKart Tracking from a related online shop website.

#1 Tracking eKart package from Amazon

To track eKart package that you just bought from Amazon can be done through your orders. Just follow the below steps to do your tracking:

1. Visit the Amazon website and log in to your account.

2. Click Returns & Orders on the top right-hand corner of your Amazon account home page.

3. On the Your Orders page find the order that you want to track.

4. Then click Track Package.

Tracking eKart package from Amazon

A sample of the Shipment Tracking page in Amazon

#2 Tracking eKart package from Flipkart

This topic explains how to track eKart package that you have bought from Flipkart. It is a different way of tracking than before as you do not need login to your Flipkart account. Before you begin, make sure to have the valid Tracking ID and your Flipkart email address.

The eKart tracking in Flipkart steps is as follows:

1. Visit the Flipkart tracking page using this link:

2. Click on the Tracking ID field to enter the tracking number then press Tab go to the next field.

3. Enter your Flipkart email address then click SHOW DETAILS.

Tracking eKart package from Flipkart

Flipkart's shipment tracking page

#3 Tracking eKart package in eKart website

You can also use the shipment tracking tools in eKart home page in the following few steps.

1. Visit eKart website

2. Click the TRACK YOUR SHIPMENT field to enter your Tracking ID.

3. Then click the magnifying glass icon to execute the tracking.

Shipment Tracking tools in eKart home page