Fedex Tracking

1. Visit or just go to the search box above.

2. Type in the Fedex tracking number that you wish to check.

3. Click the “Track” button.

After a few moments, the status of your Fedex parcel status shall be displayed on your screen.


FedEx was founded by Frederick W. Smith. Now, he remains chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer of the Company. He got the idea to start a delivery company while he was studying at Yale University. So in 1973, 14 jet planes carrying 186 packages were sent to their destination, officially announcing the birth of FedEx.

Today it is the world's largest express delivery company, delivering almost three million packages a day to more than 200 countries.

FedEx Service

FedEx was the first to offer Courier service from noon to 10:30 a.m. The first promises a refund if you are not satisfied. As the company prospered, it extended weight limits on packages, from 70 pounds to 120 pounds to 150 pounds. It eventually dropped them altogether, allowing packages of any size to be served.

Among the types of services it provides, delivery service guarantees delivery to customers before 8 a.m. the next day.

In 1998, Sunday delivery was introduced. FedEx continues to invest its profits in expanding the scale of operations, such as adopting more advanced equipment and aircraft. At the same time, they also pay much attention to the training and treatment of employees. They give timely rewards to employees who can successfully complete tasks.

FedEx Tracking Service

When FedEx workers pick up packages from door-to-door, they scan the bar code using a scanner called Super Tracker. Customers can automatically generate the bar code to identify the destination of the delivery, the type of delivery service, and the delivery time. This information is used to accurately identify individual packages and their intended route from origin to destination. Delivery information can also be queried by the customer.

FedEx Website

In January 1994, FedEx launched its own website. In 1996, the company introduced the internship service. It was the first automated cargo trading system to be put into operation on the Internet.

Customers can complete the entire mailing process on the sinumberte. This includes preparing all the online documents, printing the barcode of the package on the printer, and arranging the courier.

FedEx Cross-border Logistics

With the increasing demands of customers for express delivery and reliable transnational shipping, FedEx has also responded positively. FedEx has streamlined cross-border logistics by adopting an automated pre-declaration system. The ExpressClear system uses advanced computer technology to handle customs clearance while the items are still on their way.

The Fedex tracking number format is usually 12 digits (eg: XXXX XXXX XXXX) or 15 digits (eg: XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX). There are also less common specifications, such as tracking numbers with 20 and 22 digits.

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