Gojavas Logistics Tracking

Gojavas Logistics Tracking. Enter tracking number to track Gojavas Logistics delivery status online. You can find the location and status of your shipment by entering the tracking number in the box.

About Gojavas Logistics

Gojavas was founded in 2013. Its vision is becoming an industry leader. Gojavas is willing to provide reliable and time limited logistics and supply chain solutions for its business partners. Gojavas' network coverage, state of the art technology platforms, and practices make us one of the fastest growing teams in India.


Our motto

Our motto "Provide a million smiles" means that we put our customers at the center of all decisions. This customer centric approach helps provide superior value to our customers. This also makes us the preferred logistics partner for some of the most trusted brands in India.


The Gojavas team has more than half a century of experience in e-commerce, new era logistics, supply chain, etc. Our e-commerce foundation allows us to understand its fast operation and logistics needs. Our service industry background determines our customer first policy.

Redefine logistics through innovative and customized supply chain solutions

Gofill, performance service

Our state of the art 50,000 square foot warehouse helps us provide performance services to our customers. When you focus on your core business, we will manage all the steps of order fulfillment, including packaging, logistics, tracking, etc.

Go48, cash on delivery

Advanced Android-based technology enables GoJavas to deposit cash into your account within 48 hours after receiving the payment. On-site management personnel is equipped with swiping equipment to accept credit cards, debit cards, and daily statements. This helps customers accurately track funds and reduce working capital requirements.

Open delivery

Gojavas is the first logistics company in India to support the delivery concept of "try before buy".

Our professionally trained site managers provide customers with a flexible and comfortable experience. Customers can try lifestyle products and buy when they are satisfied. They can even return all or part of the order immediately. Goopen is a powerful tool to achieve higher customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Gorupiah, instant cash refund

Returns are one of the biggest challenges facing the e-commerce industry. Gorupiah was launched because of our commitment to customer service. According to Gorupiah, customers can get a cash refund immediately upon return. Complete the quality check at the customer's door and return the cash immediately.

Gotrack, real-time tracking

For most customers, the time between online ordering and delivery seems too long. They want to know the status of their order. Gotrack is the industry's first product to help users track their products on Google Maps in real time.

Customers can track the movement of the delivery vehicle and the detailed information of the delivery agent. Real-time information helps reduce customer service calls and ensure customer satisfaction.