India Post Tracking - Tracking your order via India Post 

Are you unsure about the workings of India Post tracking and want to know the status of your current order? If your answer to the above question is yes, you are in the right place. AgogoPost is here to help you track your India Post package with ease. 

We have also provided you with alternate ways to track your package and with FAQs that can help you get all of the information you need about India Post in one place. 


How to track India Post package status?

Tracking your India Post packages on the AgogoPost website is a straightforward process


● STEP 1: Go to the AgogoPost  homepage or use the search box above

● STEP 2: Check the receipt provided to you when you booked the India Post package for the tracking number.

● STEP 3: Type your India Post tracking number at the top of the page in the field 

● STEP 4: Click on the ‘Track’ button.


 You can also visit AgoogoPost homepage to track your India Post package, watch this video to learn more.

Tracking your package without an India Post tracking number

Have you lost your receipt or deleted your message or email with the India Post tracking number?


Unfortunately, there is no way India Post tracking can happen without the tracking number. An alternative solution to this problem could be to go to your local post office or the post office from where you have mailed your package and check your name in the register of the post office. The post office might give you details about your delivery date and India Post tracking number.


FAQs on India Post tracking

What is the India Post tracking status?

The India Post tracking system helps you find out the status of your India Post courier from the time you book the package until it reaches the final destination.

The India Post tracking system is updated from time to time to give you exact information about the following:

● The date of booking of your item

● The date of dispatch of the item along with receiving and dispatching at various locations in transit

● The date and time of delivery of your item

● When was a notice issued to the person who was supposed to collect the package

 What is India Post tracking status meaning?

● Item Booked: You have successfully booked your post and handed it over to India Post.

● Item Received: The hand-over of the article is verified by the post office

● Item Bagged: The item is packed as per the customer requirements

● Item Dispatched: The item has left the post office where it has been booked and is in transit

● Out for delivery: The item arrived at the designated post office and has been sent out for delivery with a delivery executive

● Item Delivered: Successful delivery of the item to the designated recipient at the location.


What is the tracking number on India Post?

Your tracking number is a unique sequence generated as a barcode to help you keep track of the status and location of your package.

Where to find the tracking number for India Post?

The tracking number is usually available on the receipt you got when you booked your post. It may also be present in the email and SMS sent to your mobile number if you have provided those details.


How many days does it take for India Post to deliver in India?

 India Post has different delivery times for different types and places of delivery. Speed Post delivery standards are as follows:

● Local Deliveries – 1 to 2 days

● Metro city to Metro City – 1 to 3 days

● State capital to State capital – 1 to 4 days

● Delivery to the same state – 1 to 4 days

● Deliveries to the rest of India – 4 to 5 days


How much does India Post charge?

The postal charges for articles based on weight and location are as follows:

● For an article that weighs up to 50 grams:

● Local delivery – INR 15

● Distance up to 200 km – INR 35

● Distance between 201 to 1000 Km – INR 35

● Distance between 1001 to 2000 Km – INR 35

● Distance above 2000 Km – INR 35

● For an article that weighs between 51 grams to 200 grams:

● Local delivery – INR 25

● Distance up to 200 km – INR 35

● Distance between 201 to 1000 Km – INR 40

● Distance between 1001 to 2000 Km – INR 60

● Distance above 2000 Km – INR 70

● For an article that weighs between 201 grams to 500 grams:

● Local delivery – INR 30

● Distance up to 200 km – INR 50

● Distance between 201 to 1000 Km – INR 60

● Distance between 1001 to 2000 Km – INR 80

● Distance above 2000 Km – INR 90

● Additional 500 grams or part thereof:

● Local delivery – INR 10

● Distance up to 200 km – INR 15

● Distance between 201 to 1000 Km – INR 30

● Distance between 1001 to 2000 Km – INR 40

● Distance above 2000 Km – INR 50


Does India Post deliver on Sundays and national holidays?

The Post Offices do not work on Sundays and post office holidays. The post Office holidays are - Republic day, Dusserah, Gandhi Jayanti, Diwali, Independence day, Idul-Fitr, Good Friday, Holi, Moharrum, Christmas, Id-ul-Zuha and Janam Ashtami.


Can I get free delivery on India Post?

No, it is not possible to get completely free delivery for no reason. However, India Post will reimburse you with a certain amount in exceptional cases.

● If there is a delay in a speed post delivery or dispatch, the customer is reimbursed with the speed post charges.

● If an article is lost, damaged or stolen during transit, then India Post will reimburse the customer with double the speed post charges or 1000 INR, whichever is less in that situation.


What type of items can be tracked on India Post?

You can track the following items using India Post tracking services:

● Speed Post

● International EMS

● Express Parcel

● Insured Parcel

● Registered Parcel

● Electronic Value Payable Parcel

● Express Parcel COD

● Business Parcel COD

● Value Payable Letter

● Insured Letter

● Insured Value Payable Letter

● Registered Letter

● Registered Periodicals

● Registered Packets

● Business Parcel

● Value Payable Parcel

● Insured Value Payable Parcel

● Electronic Money Order (e-MO)


How to contact the India Post customer service?

When contacting the India post customer service, make sure that you have all the necessary documents and tracking numbers required for verification.

You can contact India post customer service in the following ways:

● By calling their toll free number - 18002666868

● By sending an email or letter to the post office at  - 

● For specific queries, you can either call or email the branch manager of the designated branch near you. You can find the contact details of the branch managers here - 


What is India Post’s customer care number?

India post has a toll-free enquiry helpline, which is open from 9 am to 6 pm every day except Sundays and post office holidays.

The number is - 18002666868


How can I file a complaint to India Post?

There are three different ways to file a complaint:

● At the post office – You can visit your nearest post office and ask a clerk for an addressable grievance form. Then, fill the form with accurate details and submit the form to the branch manager of that post office.

● Can send an email – You can send a letter or a mail to the senior superintendent of the post office where you have faced an issue. It may take time to get a reply.

● An online complaint: You can even file an online complaint by filling out this form -

You can also track your complaint by entering the complaint number on their website.


What is India Post?

India Post is a postal system operated by the Indian Government. It is one of the most widely known and used postal systems globally. India Post has over 1,55,000 post offices and has run for more than 150 years. India Post offers all kinds of services like – delivering mails, providing life insurance cover, accepting deposits under savings schemes, and retail services like sale of forms, bill collection, and many more.


India Post offers its services to cater to all price ranges. Mail deliveries are usually lower in cost than private postal services, and the delivery time is quite convenient. The postal service takes around 4-5 days to deliver post within India and takes approximately 3-9 days to deliver internationally, depending on the country. They also offer an online tracking system that gives timely updates on the delivery status and the post location.

Is there any other way to track India Post packages?

You can track your package on the India Post official Website

● STEP 1: Go to the India Post tracking page or click here -  

● STEP 2: Check the receipt provided to you when you booked the India Post package for the tracking number.

Is there any other way tracking India Post packages?

● STEP 3: Type your tracking number in the provided field.

● STEP 4: You should then evaluate an expression in the following text field for security reasons. It is usually a simple math question. For instance – ‘5+1=’ could be the given expression. Simply add the two numbers and type the number 6 in the field next to that. Sometimes, just a simple line of numbers is given.

● STEP 5: Click on the ‘Search’ button.

Tracking your package using the bulk track and trace option on the India Post tracking page

If you have placed a bulk order, then you can easily track your products and have all of the information in one place by creating an India Post account.