Japan Post Tracking

JAPAN POST Co., Ltd. October 1, 2007 Under the Japan Post Co., Ltd. Act (Law No. 100 of October 21, 2005)

13 Regional Offices, 24,311 Post Offices, 2 Customer Service Centeres, 5 Training Institutes, 4 Logistics Centers, International Quality Control and Accounting Center, Postal Items Verification Center, Credit Management Center, Payment Center, Yu-Pack Accounting Center, Employee Compensation and Welfare Center, Tokyo Logistics Center, 2 Funds Management Centers.

Note:This includes the 4,163 contracted post offices. (As of March 31, 2021)

Postal operations; banking counter operations; insurance counter operations; sales of documentary stamps; operations consigned by local government entities; bank and life and non-life insurance agency services other than those mentioned previously; domestic and international logistics business; logistics business; real estate business; and merchandise sales