How to track JNE package?

You can track the delivery of your package in a few short steps. First, make sure you have the JNE tracking you want to track.

Here's how to track it:

1. Type your JNE tracking number in the search box at the beginning of the page

2. Click "Track" 

3. The next screen will immediately display information regarding the latest status of your JNE package delivery.

How do I find a JNE tracking number?

What is a JNE tracking number? For packages that you send directly via JNE, the JNE tracking number is listed in the proof of delivery document.

For package delivery from purchases on online shopping sites, the JNE tracking number will be listed in the Shipping Address information section. So please take note! The JNE delivery tracking number is different from your transaction number or online proof of purchase number.

Here are some examples of JNE tracking numbers (15 digits):




How do I track JNE package without a tracking number?

If you don't know the tracking number when you want to track the JNE package. No need to worry, do some of the following alternative steps.

Carefully check your order information

As previously stated, the JNE tracking number is listed in the proof of your online order. To view proof of your order, just open the related online shopping site page and open the order details in your account to select the order you want to track.

Contact JNE contact center

Before contacting the JNE Contact Center, prepare in advance the data related to your online orders, including the name of the online shopping site, the date and number of the order, as well as your personal data.

For communication by telephone, you can contact the JNE Contact Center. Likewise for sending emails. You can get information about the JNE Contact Center on the official JNE website.

Does JNE do international shipping?

The answer is Yes! JNE offers goods delivery services abroad, with guaranteed security, as well as practical and fast. The mode of transportation used can be by sea or air with shipping costs that are adjusted according to the conditions in each destination country.

In using the JNE international package delivery service, you must understand some of the conditions that apply. Among other things, package delivery to the destination address is only carried out on working days valid in the destination country.

For non-document packages, you will be subject to additional customs fees and tax rates in the relevant country. In addition, for international services, JNE does not apply for a money back guarantee policy.

How much does JNE delivery cost?

JNE shipping costs are determined by the type of package, weight, size, destination, and the type of regular or express service. As an illustration, in Indonesia, for the regular service of sending packages weighing up to 1 kilogram, it ranges from Rp. 11,000 to Rp. 150,000, depending on the distance to the destination. The rate can be doubled or more for express package delivery services.

As for international package delivery, the cost is more expensive. In addition, you will be charged additional fees for customs services and tax rates applicable in the destination country.

To get a reference for JNE shipping rates, you can use the JNE shipping rate tool facility found on the official JNE website.

How long does it take for JNE to arrive at the destination?

The delivery time for the JNE package depends on the type of delivery service you choose.

For JNE REG or Regular services that serve delivery to all regions in Indonesia, the delivery time ranges from 1 to 7 working days.

If you need a package delivery service with a delivery time of one day, you can use the YES service or Sure Tomorrow Until. This service provides a 24 hour delivery time limit with a money back guarantee, as long as the delay is caused by JNE's negligence.

For those who are a little relaxed and not being chased by time, you can use the JNE OKE service or Economical Shipping Costs with an average delivery time of more than 7 days. However, there is no money back guarantee for JNE OKE services.

If you need speed and on time delivery, JNE SS or Super Speed is the service you need. Almost the same as JNE YES, the JNE SS service, guarantees your package is delivered on time within 24 hours also with a money back guarantee without exception.

Why is the JNE package delivery status Say "in transit"?

In the process of sending your JNE package, it will move through several package collection points or transit points.

The process of your package journey starts from the point of collection or tracking of the package which is called the Pick-Up Point. After that, it continues with the transfer of the package to the collection point in the city or district of origin of delivery or the Transit warehouse.

Then, your shipment will go to the main collection point with a larger warehouse capacity called the Gateway which then continues with delivery to the Gateway point in the destination area. After that, it is distributed again through transit points in the destination area and arrives at the nearest Drop Point to the destination address. Then deliver to the recipient's address according to the delivery schedule.

As long as the collection location changes, your package will be in transit status.

Does JNE courier deliver packages on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays?

JNE deliver packages that arrive on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays, with a delivery deadline of 23:59. However, this does not apply to the economical type of JNE OKE service where the package will be delivered to the destination address by courier on working days only.

What is JNE Express?

Established in 1990, with the company name PT. Tiki Lintas Nugraha Ekakurir, JNE Express started its services by focusing on customs processing and import as well as shipping and delivery services for goods from Indonesia to abroad.

Since its inception, JNE Express has been known for its speed and accuracy of delivery schedules. With this superior performance, JNE Express finally won the trust of the people in Indonesia and became one of the main choices for courier services.

Exclusive courier service with transportation network speed is one of the advantages of JNE Express. Currently, JNE Express has expanded its service network throughout Indonesia with the support of 1500 service points.

How can I contact JNE customer service?

You can contact JNE Customer Service at the contact address:

Phone: 021-29278888


In addition, you can contact the nearest customer service in your area whose contact address can be obtained on the official JNE website.

An easy way to track your JNE package delivery

Agogopost tracking application provides tracking features for various shipping courier service companies. You can download the Agogopost application from the Google Play Store or from other android application providers on your mobile phone.

Or just go to AgogoPost website, enter the tracking number in the search box, then click Track.