Khazenly Shipment Tracking

Enter tracking number to track Khazenlydelivery status online. You can find the location and status of your shipment by entering the tracking number in the box. 

About Khazenly


Unmatched digital experience from finding a space to managing your daily orders

Cost Savings

Cost leadership in storage and fulfillment costs


Simple Tariff : flat monthly rate based on the number of your transactions

How to work with KHAZENLY?

You will work with us through our digital platform from your computer or mobile device in a few simple steps:

1.Select the area(s) where you prefer your products to be located

2.Select the nature and quantities of your products

3.Choose pre-storage services(Transportation, Labeling, Wrapping...etc)

4.Choose in-warehouse services(Laundry, dry clean, ironing...etc)

5.Connect your e-store with Khazenly so that we receive your orders, fulfill them, ship them and collect your money for you