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About Lexship

Logilink India Private Limited was established in 2012. It mainly focuses on improving the transparency, accountability and efficiency of the supply chain ecosystem.

LEXSHIP, as one of the business lines, focuses on small to medium entrepreneurs delivering goods worldwide.

LEXSHIP's main area of focus is enabling "global ecommerce" and streamlining the process through digitization.

Transparency, ease of use and simplicity are the cornerstones of our solutions.

LEXSHIP is committed to simplifying and promoting "ease of doing business" as a product and service

LEXSHIP is characterized by a management team with more than 100 years of comprehensive experience in the supply chain field. Its mission is to provide ultimate customer satisfaction and "create customers" in everything we do.

Characteristics of the Lexship


Safe and transparent service

The service is faster than post and cheaper than express (express)

EOT (Easy technology)

One-time KYC document

Shipping your products around the world with just a few clicks

Easy to use on PC or mobile devices

By PAN In India

Shipped or received from more than 150 countries/regions around the world

Shipped from over 17,000 pin codes across India

DIY (Do it yourself)

Enquiries: - Rates and services

Payment: - Digital payment methods

Print: - Generate your Air Waybill and pick it up from your doorstep

Customer support

Easy to use technology

The customer support team handles or supports your business

Simplify cross-border transportation

There are 19,000 pick-up points in India.

Delivered in 220 countries/territories.

Shipping time is between 12 and 15 working days.

High customer satisfaction.

Use insurance to ensure transportation safety.

All items are subject to the latest IATA, UPU and ICAO Dangerous Goods Regulations.

Must comply with the airline restrictions/terms of the latest IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.

Power banks, liquids, scooters, lithium batteries, perfumes, nail polishes, lotions, creams, and paints will not be accepted by mail. At the same time, other consumer products that do not belong to the 9th ID8000 device will not be mailed.

Exceptions to lithium batteries contained in the equipment shall accept batteries contained in the equipment that meet the following requirements;

- Batteries must be installed or built into the device.

- Lithium battery capacity or watt-hour rating etc. must be within a certain range.

- Limit the number of lithium ion/metal batteries to no more than 4 or 2.

- lithium ion limit strength should be < 20Wh per cell and <100Wh per cell.

- Lithium metal limit strength should be less than 1 gram per cell and less than 2 grams per cell.

- Batteries must be installed in equipment that prevents damage or short circuits.

- Batteries must be installed in equipment where effective measures have been taken to prevent accidental battery startup.

- Button-type lithium batteries installed in equipment are not classified as air transport dangerous goods. So devices with button-type lithium batteries can be sent by air mail or surface mail.

- Mail must be sent to countries/regions without import restrictions on lithium batteries

- It must be proved that the battery type meets the test requirements specified in the United Nations Test and Standards Manual

- For safety reasons, the manufacturer did not identify the battery as defective

- Batteries must not be damaged

- There must be no possibility of dangerous heat, fire or short circuit.

- The weight of the battery should not exceed 5kg.