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About Syria Post

The e-mail today from important state facilities, which means the only means of communication while lacking telecommunications and other modern means of communication, especially in rural and remote areas.

And plays E role is perspective as an agent of social and cultural development and economic development in any country of the world, which necessarily requires him Maysthakh of interest, and thanks to the ability of e-mail to provide a network of contacts to secure the speed factor in the collection, transmission and distribution of correspondence and money and goods across the country and between countries of the world.

Caused General Postal Corporation under the Regulatory Decree No. / 1936 / dated 10/7/1975 and contributed effectively in the economic and social development and scientific in diameter through Matadi from an ancient and necessary services to the community.

Today, in a period characterized by a rapid pace of globalization and deregulation and the emergence of modern technologies, particularly in the world of communications and the application of quality systems and rely on the principles of marketing and competition, the outcome of the General Postal Corporation itself to meet the challenges of stage and seek to keep pace with development taking into account the continuing provide basic postal services totalitarian good specifications and the most convenient and cost less.

To achieve these ends, the General Postal Corporation has introduced several new services and constantly strive to provide more of these services to meet the requirements of the public service recipients.

The development of the General Postal Corporation needs to resolve and the will to move forward to the front and to the vision of a future ambitious believes that achieving goals requires continuous adjustment with all the modern developments in pursuit of performance and speed of execution and successful completion of the tasks assigned to any stage of the work.

It is incumbent on us all to work on the advancement of this important facility and bio-through continuous development and provide better services in terms of the type and price but not pleasing to the citizens about the services offered by the institution is our goal and our goal.

And that the management of the institution in which the first steps of the new renaissance inspired guidance of leading the process of development and modernization of the rule of President Bashar al-Assad Dr. prospects for its current and future, looking to tomorrow goes achievements