Sagawa Tracking

Sagawa Tracking. Enter tracking number to track Sagawa delivery status online. You can find the location and status of your shipment by entering the tracking number in the box.

About Sagawa

SAGAWA EXPRESS was established in Kyoto, Japan in 1957. It is one of the two largest logistics companies in Japan. It has a comprehensive network of more than 300 business stores in Japan. It has about 20,000 containerized and transported vehicles and has an annual turnover of 700 billion yen. It mainly provides customers with complete transportation and Door to door service.

International circulation logistics business includes: self-operated or agency goods import and export business, undertaking of sea, land, air import and export goods, international exhibits, private goods transit and transit goods international transportation agency business, and international express delivery business.

The third-party logistics business includes: general freight, international container excess, freight agency, cargo distribution, general cargo handling, cargo packaging and circulation processing, related information processing services and related consulting services.

Sagawa Express is well-known in Japan for its "fast, reliable, and polite", and it provides customer satisfaction, peace of mind, and reliable logistics services. Sagawa Express's service network in Japan covers the whole territory of Japan. Japan line express company designated by most companies in Japan.

Sagawa Express received the customer's goods, and delivered the goods to the customer as quickly as possible.