Sicepat Tracking

How to track your SiCepat Ekspres package? Find interesting information about tracking Sicepat parcel shipments on this page.

How to track Sicepat package status?

Using Agogopost's tracking page to track parcel shipments with Sicepat is very easy. Just follow the steps:

1. Type the tracking number in the search box at the beginning of the page

2.  Click ”Track“

3. Immediately after that the updated status information of the shipment of the tracked package will appear on your screen.

How to track Sicepat package for online shop customers?

You can use recorded purchase order information to track parcel shipment status at one of the online store sites. Just open the record of the transaction and information, on the delivery status, your package is immediately displayed.

To access it, you must first login to open your online shopping account. After that select the option list of transactions or orders. Continue by selecting the transaction record you want to track to display the delivery status.

How to find Sicepat tracking number?

To find the Sicepat tracking number, there are two different ways. 

For online purchase transactions or order, Sicepat's tracking number is listed on the order details. You can find the recorded order information in the orders page of your online Account. The Sicepat tracking number is listed in the order address section.

If your package are directly delivered with Sicepat, the delivery tracking number is listed in the printed proof of delivery document right under the Barcode or printed in the tracking number column.

Example of Sicepat tracking number (12 digits):

● 000224049041

● 000148003628

How to track Sicepat package without tracking number?

To track the packages purchased online, you can use the recorded order information to track Sicepat package in your online account.

For direct shipments with Sicepat couriers, a tracking number is required. We recommend that you carefully check the printout of your proof of delivery document, basically the tracking number is listed under the barcode print or printed in the tracking Number column. If no, you can contact Sicepat customer service for help. Sicepat contact information is listed at the bottom of this page, please read "How do I contact Sicepat customer service?".

How long does Sicepat courier delivery take to my area?

The delivery time of the package with the Sicepat courier depends on the type of service.

Regular Sicepat service only takes 15 hours to send packages to the destination address. However, the Regular Sicepat service is only available in the JABODETABEK and Bandung areas.

In Sicepat Best service, packages are delivered to the destination within 1 working day. This service serves almost all major cities throughout Indonesia.

Next is Sicepat Cargo. This service is suitable for package delivery with a maximum weight of 5 kg. The shipping time is 1 to 3 days for Java. Meanwhile, shipping time outside Java ranges from 6 to 9 days.

What does Sicepat status mean?

The shipping status of Sicepat has a long list. Here we present some Sicepat statuses that are quite important for you to know in tracking Sicepat shipments.

● Manifested, the package has been received and recorded at the Sicepat office or agent

● On Transit, packages are in transit at one of the collection warehouses and are ready to be delivered the next day.

● On Process, the package is in the process of being sent to be delivered to the destination address.

● Received on Destination, packages have arrived in one of the cities for transit or distribution or for delivery.

● Delivered, the package has been delivered and received at the destination address.

● Not Home, the package has been delivered to the destination address, but no one can receive the package.

Why does Sicepat's status say on the way?

The tracking results with the delivery status of the package in transit explain that your package delivery is in transit.

The information stated in the tracking status can read On Process (departed to a certain collection location), On Transit (overnight at a certain transit location), or Received at Destination (arrived at a certain location).

The three tracking statuses above indicate that your parcel is still on its way. The good news for you is, if the tracking status says On Process, that means the package is on its way to be delivered to the destination address.

Why hasn't the package from Sicepat arrived yet?

Sicepat package delivery delays are usually caused by external factors. This is beyond the control of Sicepat service personnel. One of them is the lack of transportation facilities in the destination area. In addition, the location of the destination address which is remote and difficult to reach can also be the cause of delivery delays.

Sicepat always tries to minimize the risk of delays in package delivery in serving the community. As a well-known courier service provider, maintaining and improving the quality of its services is a must. Including to ensure timely delivery of packages to the destination address.

How much does Sicepat delivery cost in Indonesia?

Sicepat shipping costs also depend on the type of service and the destination.

The cost of sending Sicepat Regular 1 kg package for local delivery within the JABODETABEK area is around Rp. 10000. As for delivery between cities on the island of Java, the maximum shipping cost is around Rp. 70000.

For the Sicepat Best 1 kg package service, local shipping costs start from Rp. 13,000 to Rp. 20000.

For Sicepat Cargo Service, a minimum package of 10 kg, delivery to areas on the island of Java ranges from Rp. 25000 to Rp. 70000. As for the furthest distance delivery, it can reach Rp. 1.5 million.

To get a more accurate reference for shipping costs, you can use the Check Rates tool on the official Sicepat website.

How do I contact Sicepat customer service?

You can contact Sicepat customer service to ask questions about shipping services or to submit complaints.

The following is Sicepat's customer service contact address:

Phone: (021) 50200050

Whatsapp: 0812 9966 6088

Line: @sicepat


What is Sicepat?

Sicepat is a delivery service provider company that was founded in 2014 in Indonesia. In the midst of the booming online shopping market in Indonesia, the Sicepat courier service also contributes as one of the choices for online shop customers.

An easy way to track your JNE package delivery

Agogopost tracking application provides tracking features for various shipping courier service companies. You can download the Agogopost application from the Google Play Store or other android application providers on your mobile phone.

Or just go to AgogoPost website, enter the tracking number in the search box, then click Track.