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South Spoton

The reason why we chose to be called Spoton is that we designed it for accuracy. We believe that we can deliver your goods accurately and on time.

From pickup request to delivery, we maintain our commitment to provide our customers with a consistent and just-right experience. It focuses on the most critical customer expectation we meet: accurate delivery.

Designed For Precision

A consistent effort to live up to our name defines us. A lot of diligent thought went into building Spoton. Customer satisfaction is the sole purpose of every initiative we initiate.

Spoton believes in striking an idyllic balance between youthful exuberance and the objectivity of seasoned professionals. As the name suggests, Spoton prides itself on accuracy. We are aware of our responsibility and role as a modern logistics organization in promoting trade and fostering businesses.

Exponential Growth

Growth, as measured by test metrics, starts from within. Spoton aims to create value by focusing on operation training and development. Driven by an experienced core team, we will deal with all possible situations locally or internationally. It helps us stay ahead of the game.

Thinking Ahead

At Spoton, we have long taken on and exceeded the core challenges of the logistics industry. Some of these challenges may seem impossible to many, but we still empower our customers right out of the box. Customers, colleagues, investors, and suppliers are the four pillars of our ecosystem. They provide us with the best platform to deliver the best new age logistics.

Spoton Concept

We encourage openness as a way of life in Spoton. We believe this is the ideal way to get the most out of our team. For us, an employee with a revolutionary idea deserves our full support.

Spoton Focus - "Research and Development"

The emphasis on R&D is effective mainly because it encourages the use of indigenous technology and makes industry costs competitive.

We believe that special attention to excellence in research will lead to increased efficiency. This aligns Indian logistics with global standards. The diversity of the country means we need to provide localized customized solutions for a wide range of customers across industries. Providing better service at a competitive price is what we seek for our customers.


Spoton Process Excellent

Spoton attaches great importance to process excellence at all stages of consignment. In everything we do, a minimum of weakness is a must.

Spoton Logistics is the perfect choice for your delivery Logistics with an aggressive 1600+ team based in Bangalore. We pride ourselves on providing accurate and consistent service. Spoton Logistics operates a pan-India network covering more than 300 locations and more than 22,000 pin codes. Our 13 main warehouses and 35 transit hubs ensure the timely and safe movement of goods.


Our extensive and comprehensive network and professional resources ensure that all your logistics needs are met. We provide first-class logistics services to a range of industries, i.e. High technology, automotive, engineering, electronics and electrical, and lifestyle and retail.

Our advantages

Powerful account management and operation interface.

24 hours online tracking and tracking system for your goods.

More than 1,600 employees can efficiently service more than 22,000 pin codes.

13 main warehouses and 35 transportation hubs make transportation fast and easy.

'24hours/7days' customer service to support your business needs.

A customer service consultant for key accounts.