How can I track a Wahana Logistic package?

Agogopost offers the Wahana Logistic status tracking service, to check the status of your delivery online, follow the step-by-step instructions provided below.
Step 1: Enter your Wahana tracking number in the box above
Step 2: Click the tracking button 
Step 3: You will get specific information such as source, current location, destination, shipping and delivery dates, and any delays that may occur during the journey (if applicable).


If you don't get the logistics status, you can click "Carriers" at the top of the Agogopost homepage, then click the courier company that needs to be tracked, enter the tracking number on the next page and click "Track", and the logistics status of Wahana will be returned (if applicable).

Agogopost is a logistics tracking business that also offers customer support. It can quickly and effectively assist you in achieving logistics tracking. You may acquire the most up-to-date Wahana tracking package information using this service without having to deal with their local workers.

How do I find Wahana's tracking number?

Once you have purchased an item, you will be sent a receipt that includes a Wahana tracking number. If you're keeping an eye out for a product from an online shop such as Ebay or Amazon, you'll almost always get a tracking number along with the shipping and arrival confirmation.

What should I do if I don't have a tracking number for my Wahana package?

Due to the nature of monitoring parcels without the use of tracking numbers, it is usually impossible to locate your package. Nonetheless, as both a sender and a recipient of a Wahana transaction, you should both be provided with a tracking number. If you successfully deliver your shipment to Wahana, you will get a voucher, and if you successfully deliver your package to Wahana, you will obtain a tracking number. This is especially true for purchases placed via online retailers. As a result, if you have not yet received a tracking number, it is recommended to contact the retailer from whom you bought your items.

Does Wahana ship international?

Express services are provided by Wahana in two formats: domestic express services and international express services.
Consequently, you have the option of sending your letter to any other nation or area that is affiliated with the Wahana system, and the procedure is the same as for shipping domestic shipments inside Indonesia. You will be provided with an identifying number for your shipment when you utilize Wahana Logistic service, which can be used to track and monitor your package's transportation outside Indonesia.

How long does it take for the Wahana shipment to arrive?

Wahana shipments are not guaranteed to arrive at their destination on time. Follow your Wahana Package at all times if you want to know where your package is at any given moment. Most of the time, your package should arrive within a few days, though. However, it is possible that you may not get your delivery for up to one or two weeks in rare circumstances. The sheaf is delivered on working days between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. during regular business hours.


What are Wahana shipping costs?

Wahana shipping prices are among the most affordable of any logistics service provider in Indonesia. To find out more about them or to get an estimate of how much it would cost to ship a package via Wahana Express, all you have to do is go to the company's official website and use the charge calculator to input the information.
Located on the company's homepage, right next to the section on Wahana monitoring, this price calculator is simple to use and can be found on the main page of the company's website. Input any relevant information about your package (dimensions, weight, point of origin and destination) into the forms provided, and the system will calculate an approximate price for the service based on the information you supply.
It is conceivable that the price may change somewhat at the time of delivering the product to the office, which is why the firm always specifies that the price quoted is an estimate. The difference, on the other hand, is always in the realm of the practically minor.

What is Wahana Logistic? 

Indonesian logistics company PT. Wahana Prestasi Logistik is a market leader in low-cost shipping (under the Wahana Express brand), logistics and storage (under the Wahana Logistic brand), and e-commerce help (under the Wahana Logistic brand) (Wahana Commerce). In addition to serving the country for more than two decades, Wahana is prepared for significant expansion in the industrial era 4.0 as a result of its ability to provide efficient, quick, and pleasant services.


How can I contact Wahana customer service?

In the event that you want assistance or support information on parcels or missing deliveries, you may contact Wahana customer support service with any complaints or ideas by email or phone, and Wahana will respond as quickly as feasible.
The company's official website is at, and its phone number is +62 2171355152