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Wow Express Tracking. Enter tracking number to track Wow Express delivery status online. You can find the location and status of your shipment by entering the tracking number in the box.

About Wow Express

Wow Express is an e-commerce logistics company that provides users with end-to-end logistics solutions, including first and last-mile delivery, warehousing and reverse logistics, etc. It launches "Wow Health Express" to provide collection for diagnosis and medical fields And transportation of blood samples, body fluids, and medicines. It received US$4.5 million in Series A financing with Tamarind Family Private Trust as the investor. 

There are no other expressions on the earth that can express ecstasy, joy, and surprise in an instant! These are the emotions we know, and we can see them on the faces of all our customers, partners, and employees. 

As we continue to advance the highly personalized service and technological innovation, these voices come from overjoyed cheers, which will make ripples and make waves!

When you encounter most last-mile delivery companies, forget their only face, delivery guys. We call them the service marshals!

Wow, because the client responded to his diligent teaching, well-trained, courteous, and courteous nature. They are our advocates and main assets. Why shouldn't they be? We are a service industry, aren't we?

Wow, when you realize that you can track the goods you send. You've been on a plane, haven't you? Looking at the small display in front tells you where you are flying right now. Now imagine that you can find out the location of your precious package with just one click. If you don't say Wow, we will say it for you because technology will not stop amazing us. This kind of surprise and curiosity makes us use the same new technology for our own company.

Wow Express Vision

Become the most valuable technical support logistics company in the world.

Wow Express Mission

Our mission is to provide technology-leading custom logistics solutions for each of our customers. We seek to create millions of "Wow" experiences among all stakeholders.

The Wow first-mile delivery service

As one of our professional service products, Wow First Mile gives our customers the flexibility to choose any last-mile delivery operator.

The professional First Mile branch ensures that the operator sorts the packages and makes them ready to deliver on time.

If you are an e-commerce company, we will pick you up from different locations, then take them to the center of our first mile. After that, we categorize them and give them to your last-mile delivery operator. That's convenient!!

The Wow last-mile delivery service

We are not just another last-mile delivery company. Our focus on technology and integration with the entire e-commerce supply chain makes Wow Express an ideal partner for all your last-mile delivery requirements. 

Our professional collection center to the last mile delivery branch is terrific. Our technically equipped, helpful, and courteous service Marshalls will take care of them and deliver them on time.

We provide the following additional Wow services through the Last Mile service:

# Cash on delivery and credit card

# Managed delivery

# Fleet equipped with smartphones

# digital signature

# Customer support for localization and product training

# Real-time status update

# Non-delivery assistance plan

# GPS tracking

# Door lock and proof of delivery photo

The Wow warehousing service

We plan to set up fulfillment centers in multiple locations to provide you with customized warehousing solutions. We are not your ordinary warehouse.

Our e-commerce fulfillment center will tailor for processing thousands of small orders every day quickly. Whether we ship products directly from the retail warehouse or you ship products to your customers.

You can rest assured that we will deal with your products seriously and responsibly.

Wow health express service

Wow Health Express is a technically supported service to extract and deliver body fluids (blood, bone marrow, tissue) samples. We design the service for independent hospitals, pathology laboratories, the client's central laboratory, and the diagnostic reports related to these samples.

The service is fully supported by technology and provides a mobile application for each healthcare marshal. Wow will display all the delivery status on the app. The app also has digital signature functions for all pickup/delivery/cash or check receipts.


Wow reverse service

Regardless of the return reasons, the Wow service specialist will collect the shipment from your customer on your behalf and send it back to you.

We provide the following Wow add-ons through Wow reverse logistics services:

# Fleet equipped with smartphones

# digital signature

# Customer support for localization and product training

# Real-time status update

# GPS tracking

# Door lock and proof of delivery photo