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When you send a package through a courier service you may get curious to know the status of its journey. Especially if it involves an important item or a valuable item. The first question that may appear in your mind is, can it be tracked? Then the following question is how to track. The answer to those questions is, yes it can be tracked, and you can use Xpressbees tracking webpage to do it.

To get an Xpressbees tracking webpage is easy. You can use Google search to get a lengthy list of Xpressbees tracking from the internet. The challenge is which Xpressbees tracking tools to choose. That is what we shared in this blog. Guidance to do Xpressbees courier tracking.

We will help you to simplify your choices as well along by describing the how-to-do Xpressbees tracking. So, make sure to read the rest of this blog and you will get clear guidance on how to track your Xpressbees package shipment.

Xpressbees tracking tools options

One of the Xpressbees courier tracking options that we recommend is to use Agogopost shipment tracking webpage. Just like any other shipment tracking will do, this Xpressbees tracking tool is simple to use. You can do it in the following steps:

1. Open the tracking tools webpage by visiting this link  Xpressbees Shipment Tracking.

2. Continue typing in the desired tracking number.

3. Followed by pressing Enter or clicking Track, then you are done.

Afterward, without waiting too long, your Xpressbees courier tracking status will be displayed on your screen.

Xpressbees shipment tracking from Agogopost

Please note that you need to use Xpressbees airway bill (AWB) number as the tracking number. You can get the AWB number as it is printed in Xpressbees shipment receipt.

Tracking Myntra order shipped by Xpressbees courier

You can use this Xpressbees tracking option if you want to track your package that you just bought online from Myntra. However, you have to use the related Myntra Order number instead. Again, you can do the tracking in a few simple steps as follows:

1. Just open the Myntra tracking tools by clicking this link  →Myntra Order Tracking

2. Proceed by typing Myntra Order number that you wish to track.

3. Continue by pressing Enter or clicking Track. 

You will find a quite similar tracking status displayed on your screen afterward. Just to remind you, you must use the Myntra order number for this tracking tool. You can find Myntra order number in the SMS text or email sent to you as soon as your order transaction is completed.

Other Xpressbees tracking options

Another tracking option aside from those prior tracking tools is to do it using Xpressbees tracking feature on Xpressbees official website. You can get the tracking features by clicking the Track Shipment menu in Xpressbees home page. By the way, make sure to Enter the right CAPTCHA code when you use it.

The next tracking option is by using Xpressbees apps. You must first download and install the apps on your android cell phone. Before using it, you must first do a membership registration.

Within those two tracking options, you can either choose to track using Xpressbees AWB number or the reference order number from the related online transaction.

FAQ about Xpressbees tracking

What is Xpressbees tracking status meaning?

From the displayed tracking status reports you should find each status is easy to understand. The following table simply describes the meaning of each status.



Drop Off at

This status appears when you choose to drop you package yourself at Xpressbees office or counter

Handover to Courier

Package has been picked up by Xpressbees courier

In transit from

Package is on its way into another storage point or hub

Arrived at

Package has arrived at a storage point or hub or delivery center

Out for delivery

Package has been brought by delivery courier to the destination address

Shipment Delivered

Package has been successfully delivered at destination address

What is the Xpressbees tracking number?

The tracking number used in Xpressbees tracking is the AWB number. The AWB number is printed id the shipment receipt right below the barcode.

What is Xpressbees tracking number format?

Xpressbees tracking number or the AWB number format consist of 14 digits long of numbers combination. Example: 12564678654346.

Where to find Xpressbees tracking number?

Aside from the Xpressbees shipment document you can also get Xpressbees  AWB number in the SMS text or email sent to you when you buy a package from an online store.

How many days does it take for Xpressbees to deliver in India?

For a domestic shipment in India, Xpressbees delivery time will take about 2 to 3 days. While for a quite long-distance shipment it may take about 3 to 5 days.

How much does Xpressbees charge?

Xpressbees standard shipping charge for regular packages is Rs 51 per 500 grams. For package excess weight of more than 500 grams, a rounding of 500 grams will be applied. As an example, for a package weight of 1.2 kilograms, you will get a 1.5 kg charge of Rs 153.

Does Xpressbees deliver on Sundays or holidays?

Xpressbees delivery operation from Monday up to Sunday with the following working hours:

Monday to Friday 09:00 am to 08:00 pm IST

Saturday 09:00 am to 07:00 pm IST

Sunday 10:00 am to 07:00 pm IST

Can I get free delivery on Xpressbees?

You can get Xpressbees free delivery when buying an item from Xpressbees online store partners. Usually, it is part of the online store promotion strategy. In many cases, you may have to buy an online item that costs you more than Rs 5000.

What is Xpressbees customer care number?

To directly speak with Xpressbees customer service staff you can dial the customer care number at (020) 49116100.

What type of items can be tracked on Xpressbees tracking?

As long as you have the Xpressbees airway bill you can track any shipped items mentioned in it. Either you do a direct shipment with Xpressbees or for an online package order shipped by Xpressbees.

How to contact Xpressbees customer service?

You can contact Xpressbees customer service by calling the customer care number or sending the email.

Phone:  (020) 49116100


How can I file a complaint to Xpressbees?

Filing a complaint to Xpressbees can be done by calling the customer care phone number, sending a complaint email, or using the Contact Us page on Xpressbees official web page.

Are Delhivery and Xpressbees the same?

Both are completely different companies. Delhivery is one of the largest courier service providers in India. While Xpressbees served only several 1st tier cities in India, although they are well known for their friendly services.

What is Xpressbees Tracking Service & Its Growth History?

XpressBees parcels service was founded in 2015. It mainly provides third-party logistics for e-commerce, with more than 60,000 orders per day. According to Indian media reports, Alibaba and XpressBees negotiated equity investment and acquired a minority stake in XpressBees within two weeks. This is Alibaba's first investment in a logistics platform in India, and hopes to build Xpressbees into a network in India.

As Chinese e-commerce platforms become more and more saturated, e-commerce giants such as Alibaba control their market share. Alibaba's investment in India's e-commerce and logistics industry may intend to replicate this mature domestic e-commerce model to India.

India's logistics industry continues to thrive.

India and China, as the only two countries in the world with a population of one billion. They are generally considered to have great potential for economic development. In view of China's logistics industry, India may become the second largest new continent in the global logistics market. The Indian e-commerce market has also developed rapidly in recent years.

According to Morgan Stanley's estimation, the Indian e-commerce market will reach 137 billion U.S. dollars by 2020. India's scale in mid-2017 is about 15 billion U.S. dollars, which shows the massive potential of its e-commerce market.

Flipkart was founded in 2007 and is the largest e-commerce retailer in India. Its model is similar to J.D. It sells goods by establishing its own logistics system. Flipkart(Flipkart tracking tool) separated the logistics system from the company and established eKart logistics company separately. In February last year, eKart also began to undertake the logistics and express delivery services of other e-commerce companies.

Snapdeal was established in 2010 and is one of the largest online trading platforms in India. In particular, the sales of mobile devices account for most of its online transactions. (You can track your Snapdeal parcel for free here)

Not only Alibaba but other Chinese companies are also watching the growing Indian e-commerce and express logistics market. Fosun invested US$30 million in 2017 to take ownership of Delhivery, India's largest e-commerce logistics company. Almost at the same time, Tencent also participated in the financing of India's largest e-commerce company Flipkart. Other investors include Microsoft and eBay.

In March 2017, Delhivery, an e-commerce logistics company, has received a new round of financing led by the Carlyle Group. Fun and Tiger Capital jointly invested US$100 million. They announced that this will be used to upgrade the company's infrastructure and technology.

EcomExpress, its logistics services cover 11,000 postal code areas with 1,200 distribution centers and 33 transit centers. Many popular e-commerce companies are its customers, such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc.

EcomExpress received 1.92 billion Indian rupees (US$30 million) from Warburg Pincus in September 2017. Previously, it received P.E. company Peepul Capital and Warburg Pincus 750 million Indian rupees in 2014 and 2015, respectively. 8.5 billion Indian rupees investment.


Well, that is about all of the information that we can share regarding Xpressbees tracking. We hope our Xpress tracking recommendation should fit well with your needs. Do not forget to bookmark this blog if you like what we share. Feel free to leave us your opinion using the comments box below. Thank you for your time.