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According to the "2015-2020 Indian Logistics Market Report", India's logistics market is now close to US$300 billion. 

As the hero behind the e-commerce growth, it has attracted the attention of entrepreneurs and investors. 

Warburg Pincus has invested in 50 startup companies in India, with a total investment of more than 3.5 billion U.S. dollars. 

In addition, to improve service quality and user experience, e-commerce platforms are also developing their own logistics supply systems. Snapdeal has set up 27 logistics centers to ensure that stores can process orders and inventory more efficiently. 

Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart has turned its express delivery department Ekart into a local logistics company. Ekart has now entered the food delivery business. The express delivery department will also provide services to any enterprises with logistics needs.

The Indian logistics market, where everyone wants a share, is not so easy to do.

First, logistics, as a bridge connecting end-to-end, requires the construction of multiple transfer stations. This creates a contradiction between reducing costs and ensuring turnover efficiency.

User requirements for fast delivery mean a tight site layout, but warehouse establishment and management will also increase costs. Without proper use of it, it would slow down the speed fo company development. How to choose a location and build a factory becomes the first thing that startups face the problem.

Second, in terms of warehouse storage, technical or documented logistics companies are critical factors in becoming more extensive and more complete.

Third, there will inevitably encounter many difficulties in transportation, such the difficulty of tracking the orders by users.

In summary, how should the logistics industry reduce costs while maximizing user experience? In summary, how can the logistics industry reduce costs while attracting user experience?

With increased government investment in infrastructure, logistics and road network planning policy, transport external environment is gradually improving. The most troublesome funding problem has also been resolved with the active capital market. The next step is to be a stage for entrepreneurs to perform magic and become strong.

From the current stage, startups need to do real business, do an excellent job early, and develop a stable customer base. The construction of shops is wasting time, laborious, and costly, and it isn't easy to achieve results in the short term. But with the growth of business volume, the benefits of laying a solid foundation for the enterprise are self-evident.

Looking at the long-term, building a logistics ecosystem is the goal, but it is still a long way to go. It also seems too early for India to automate the current global logistics system (using drones, robots, etc.).

In any case, with the support of policies and funds, the development of the logistics industry has become a bonus period. The entrepreneurs and investors should not miss this period.

India's logistics giant Ecom Express receives 1.92 billion rupees investment.

Ecom Express India announced that it had received a private equity financing of INR 1.92 billion. This investment was lead by Eagle bay Investment, a private equity firm under Warburg Pincus.

In 2015, Warburg Pincus Investment Group invested 8.5 billion Indian rupees in Ecom Express. In September 2014, Ecom Express also received 750 million Indian rupees. The investor, Peepul Capital, was a private equity firm.

In the logistics industry, the investment transactions of Warburg Pincus Investment Group in the United States have been relatively active. Before this investment, the company also invested $75 million in Rivigo and a third-party logistics company called Stellar Value Chain.

Warburg Pincus Investment Group has also invested $413 million in seven logistics startups, including automotive portals CarTrade.com, LaurusLabs, and Kalyan Jewellers.

The four co-founders of Ecom Express benipatti are T.A. Krishnan, Manju Dhawan, etc. They were all former executives of the Indian express company Blue Dart. Previously, Ecom Express only provided last-mile delivery services. Recently they have begun to expand their business to other express services, such as receiving goods, etc.

The services provided by Ecom Express include cash on delivery, reverse logistics, direct shipping, and same-day express services. Its customers are all well-known e-commerce companies in the Indian local market.

Ecom Express's logistics services cover 11,000 pin code areas across India. It operates 1,200 distribution centers and 33 transit centers. The company's competitors in the Indian market include Delhivery, Xpressbees, and Ekart under the e-commerce giant Flipkart.

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