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About First Flight Courier

Our journey

With three offices, we've come a long way for a company that took off in November 1986. Our early nests in Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi have been transformed into 1,200 First Flight offices across the country. We have 9 international offices in prime locations, making us a globally recognized participant.

It is a long process to become the leading domestic express company in India. With the passage of time, we have shipped your goods to all over the world-safely and quickly. The more important thing is to deliver your goods to the right people. Our "customer first" policy has established many mutually beneficial long-term relationships with a wide range of corporate and retail customers.


Our mission

We strive to be and be recognized as a responsible, fair and profitable organization. Committed to providing our customers with valuable, timely and courteous services. At the same time, we also provide employees with family spirit and personal growth opportunities. For the community, we support activities to improve the quality of life.


Our vision

We are a professional team dedicated to enterprise excellence. We achieve 100% customer satisfaction through dedication, commitment, teamwork, sincerity and honesty. Our vision is to make first flight a household name in India with high global popularity. We hope that through high-tech development, high capacity and zero error services will become synonymous with high-quality services.

Technology friendly

Technology has changed the rules of the game. In the past decade, great changes have taken place in the world, mainly because of the great leap of technology. These changes have gradually changed our way of daily life. Lifestyle changes will automatically affect business decisions in countless ways and add color to our tomorrow.

Mastering technological development means the world to us. Only by keeping up with these advances can we create some breakthrough services in our industry.

Our philosophy

Our name means the world to us. This is a nickname we are proud of and deserve.

We know that time flies, but we are proud that we can control ourselves. In fact, our track record reflects the fact that time management is one of our greatest assets.

There is no doubt that First Flight has carefully absorbed the arrival of e-commerce professionals in the market. We are fully synchronized with the fast turnaround time of trade. And we are one of the market leaders in private sector delivery networks.

With the rapid development of market trends, First Flight provides end-to-end solutions in the express logistics field. This is why First Flight has become the first choice of many companies.