Holisol Logistics Tracking

Holisol Logistics Tracking. Enter tracking number to track Holisol Logistics delivery status online. You can find the location and status of your shipment by entering the tracking number in the box.

About Holisol Logistics

Holisol was launched in June 2009. After working with leading companies for many years, they realized a problem. The market needs an organization that can understand the customer's business. And the organization can design solutions to meet its business needs, rather than provide "products" that customers need to adapt.

Holisol has created a design execution management value proposition. This provides clients with work experience as their own extended team, affordable strategic and operation expertise. Holisol, headquartered in Delhi, has more than 200 supply chain enthusiasts who continue to create value through leadership, innovation and relationships.

Our mission and purpose

Our mission is to be the thought leader of our work. We are guided by the concept of triple bottom line: people, earth, profit. Our goal is to grow by making people happy and successful.

Supply chain management

We are your "blue collar" consultants, providing first-class supply chain consulting service for your business. Our experts can gain insight into your business goals and design supply chain solutions that will make you successful. We understand that the supply chain of each industry has its own specific complexity and unique requirements.

We also know that the supply chain model should be flexible enough to adapt to changing market scenarios. In-depth understanding of the problems that need to be solved in the company's supply chain. No matter how complex these issues are, we provide consulting solutions that meet your supply chain requirements.

We are responsible for implementing the solution as a proof of concept. Starting from a wider supply chain network (such as warehouse locations). When we came up with a solution, you would later take pride in declaring that “this is what we wanted”. We are eager to work with your promotion team to achieve unprecedented success for your business.

Our global supply chain consulting solutions include

- Supply chain network modeling

- New logistics setup plan

- Transport packaging scheme design

- Process design and reengineering

- Warehouse design and layout

- Feasibility study

- Choose the most suitable IT solution

- Consumption tax consultation

- Multi-channel implementation solution

With more than 200 years of experience, Holisol has congested a wealth of expertise in India's retail supply chain solutions. Complete industry expertise helps us successfully complete new projects. But we never stop there-we continue to innovate solutions that enable our customers to achieve their business goals.

We enable customers to build a fully functional multi-channel fulfillment center within 30 to 45 days. In addition, we have also analyzed existing systems to expand the scale of operations. Our +25 distribution center network throughout India provides excellent operations for almost all retail platforms (both offline and online).

How to track and trace Holisol logistics status?

There are two ways to track Holisol logistics status. The first is to query through the Holisol official website. The second is to use Agogopost to track Holisol logistics.

It is very convenient to track your shipment with Agogopost. First, when Holisol's logistics information enters the system, you will get a unique AWB number. Then enter tracking number on the tracking page, and it will return to the logistics status in a short time. If you have any other questions, you can also contact us via email: feedback@agogopost.com.