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About OCS ANA Group

In September 1957, Asahi Shimbun, Nikkei Shimbun, Yomiuri Shimbun and Mainichi Shimbun established OCS in Tokyo. Since then, OCS has started to provide Japanese language newspapers to Japanese residents living abroad.

Based on this service, OCS transports printed materials by air, which makes OCS the world's first international express company. These printed materials include not only newspapers, but also magazines, books, internal documents, manuals, etc. In addition to international express delivery, OCS currently provides services for International logistics needs, including express delivery of Japanese food, etc.

In terms of door-to-door service, OCS is the only global express company in Japan. OCS has approximately 200 offices in Japan and abroad and around the world. In addition, in March 2009, ANA used its own ANA network to build a cargo hub in Okinawa. This is mainly to further strengthen the global network in Asia, and to provide fast and reliable services to all customers.

In September 2010, OCS changed its old company name to the current company name. Since then, it has been advancing its business activities to further strengthen its foundation as a leading logistics company. At the same time, this is also in line with the growth strategy of the group's freight business.

In India, OCS opened its first office in New Delhi in 1965. Subsequently, branches were established in major cities in India to meet the growing needs of Japanese companies.

The joint venture was established in 2006, and since then, OCS has steadily expanded its business in India.

With the support of ANA's extensive aviation network, OCS will further develop its business activities in Asia and other regions.

Mission of the corporation

OCS connects the world through teamwork by constantly creating new value in the global logistics field.

OCS pursues excellence and aims to achieve the highest level of speed, reliable service and high-quality communications. Thereby OCS can build trust and reliability between customers. In general, OCS is a team that faces challenges together.

OCS vision

OCS will become the largest regional integrator in Asia

OCS and ANA have established a successful business partnership and have well integrated their land and air transportation businesses. The management described OCS as an "Asian regional integrator", aiming to occupy the growing Asian international express market. While expanding door-to-door services globally, OCS will vigorously promote its business interests throughout Asia.

The advantages of OCS India

We will draw on our more than 55 years of experience to provide you with international express services. In addtion, we recently joined the global network of the All Nippon Airways Group.

1. The goods will be delivered in the evening, the fastest delivery on the third day since the date of delivery.

Taking advantage of ana group, OCS can meet your door-to-door express shipping needs from India. Using the ANA international network, we will load your express cargo onto ana flight on the night of pick up. At the same time, we will arrange delivery within 3 days from the date of delivery.

2. A global network of 200 offices

With a global network of services, OCS can meet your door-to-door delivery needs from anywhere in the world.

3. OCS can handle any air freight from documents to heavy cargo

OCS can handle any air freight from documents to heavy cargo. We will meet your door-to-door delivery needs through OCS & ANA Group's transportation network.