Club Factory Order Tracking

Club Factory works with several courier partners to deliver items. Please select a correct courier when you track packages.

How to track my order in Club Factory?

To get the most recent updates on your order, use the AgogoPost tracking tool to track Club factory. Simply enter your tracking number into the input box and click the tracking button to begin tracking. Then you'll get your Real Time Courier, Item, Product, Package, Gati, and Delhivery Shipment information online right away.

Here's how to use to track your package.

1. Locate tracking number for your club factotry order.

The Club Factory order tracking number can be found in the order confirmation email or in the order history of the mobile application. When your Club Factory order is shipped, you will be emailed a tracking number that you can use to track your package.

2. Enter your Club Factory tracking number to the search box above

3. Select a courier that you want to track

3. Click "Track" and see product shipments with real-time updates.

You can also track your Club Factory orders using the official Club Factory website or application to get the most up-to-date information on the status of your order.

If you have a Club Factory account, you can visit the website/app and track your Club Factory order in your account.

● Simply sign in and navigate to 'Order History.'

● Click on the order you want to monitor.

● To track the status of your Club Factory delivery, click the "Check My Order" button.

What is the shipping cost in the club factory?

Shipping is free at The Club Factory. Only cash-on-delivery orders are charged a fee. In fact, they also provide COD options. This offer simply requires you to pay Rs.50 for a COD membership in this app. After purchasing this COD Membership, you will be able to shop for the next three months without paying any additional fees for COD orders. As a result, you can now purchase items without incurring any additional costs.

How long does the Club Factory take to deliver to India?

When you buy from Club Factory, it usually takes 2-3 weeks to receive your order. Occasionally, the shipping time is less than two weeks. So please double-check as you shop.

How to cancel an order on Club Factory after shipping?

You can easily cancel it, and the club factory will deduct a very small amount as the cost of returned goods. Meanwhile, if you ship it, you must pay logistics costs such as transportation, handling, and warehousing, as well as an amount for reverse logistics as a cost to the company and a small refund to the manufacturer.

How can I return my order to the club factory?

Yes, here is the procedure:

1. Navigate to Club Factory order information. 

2. Select the order you paid for. 

3. Select the item you wish to return.

4. Continue scrolling down until you see a Return or refund button.

5. Select the item you wish to return.

6. Arrange for a pick-up date.

7. You will receive a confirmation of your return request.

Alternatively, keep this parcel sealed and ready for return. They will deduct Rs.90/- or so for courier charges and refund the balance within 3–5 business days.

How to change the address on Club Factory?

1. Log in to your Club Factory account.

2. Select "manage shipping address" from the drop-down menu.

3. Choose "Add new address."

4. Enter your address information and click "complete."

5. You can now go to the store to place order and change the shipping address.

How do I complain to Club Factory?

If you have a problem with Club Factory, you can file a complaint with Club Factory customer service or go to to submit your complaints.

For your convenience, club factory customer service information is provided below.

Contact Club Factory customer service at 

0120-6230 700 (9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.) 


Alternatively, go to the club factory app and select "feedback" or "support center."

What is Club Factory?

Club Factory is a Chinese fashion, beauty, and lifestyle e-commerce store based in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. Jiayun Data Technology, a Chinese company, invented it in 2014.

The Club Factory online shopping website offers a wide range of products under one roof. Fashion, electronics, home, beauty, and a variety of other categories are available. You can get everything you need there. They, too, offer a variety of specials and discounts on their products.