How to Track Flipkart Order Delivery Status?

Flipkart order tracking - One of the tracking tools that you can use is Flipkart Order Tracking page from You can use it to track Flipkart orders in just a few steps as follows. 

Flipkart works extensively with Ekart and more courier companies to deliver items. You can easily track your Flipkart order delivery status by following the steps. 

1. Locate your Flipkart tracking number at your Flipkart order history.

2. Enter the Flipkart tracking number to the search box above.

How to Track Flipkart Order?

Flipkart Order Tracking from

3. Select a Flipkart courier partner that you wish to track.

Flipkart order tracking

4. Soon after a few moments, your screen shall display the shipment status of your Flipkart packages.

FAQ about Flipkart

What is Flipkart Tracking number?

Flipkart Tracking number is the identification code issued by the related courier services. Usually, it is the waybill number. So different courier companies produce different formats of waybill numbers. But the tracking number is not your Flipkart order number.

You can find this tracking number in the order confirmation email sent to you by Flipkart as soon as you have completed an order.

What is Flipkart Tracking number?

A sample of Flipkart tracking number of eKart Logistic

Does Flipkart deliver on time?

Flipkart online store is well known for its on-time delivery reputation. Especially, that Flipkart also owned eKart Logistics which is considered as Flipkart in-house courier. The same service quality also occurs if you choose another courier, such as Ecom Express or other providers.

What happens if I miss my Flipkart delivery?

Such circumstances could happen when the courier can not find anybody to receive the package at the point of destination. So, you do not have to worry. The courier shall do the delivery on the next day. To rest assured you can call the delivery agent to get the latest delivery update.

Does Flipkart deliver packages on Sundays or holidays?

As scheduled Flipkart shall deliver your package on time, even on Sunday. For delivering urgent items during the holiday, you can call the delivery agent to arrange the delivery.

What are the shipping fees in Flipkart?

When using eKart, the in-house delivery agent of Flipkart, the shipping cost is relatively competitive. For a package with up to 1 kilogram, the shipping cost for standard delivery service is US$ 2. The shipping will cost you more if you choose the express delivery services.

How can I get free delivery on Flipkart?

You might get free delivery when you buy an item that costs US$100 or more on Flipkart. Aside from that, there are promotional sales that offer free delivery as well in Flipkart. You can directly notice such free delivery promotions when you visit the official Flipkart store website.

How many days does it take for Flipkart to deliver?

The delivery time in Flipkart depends on the destination and the type of services you have requested. For standard delivery service, the delivery time would take 4 to 5 working days. Whereas, for the express service, regardless of the destination, the delivery time is between 2 to 3 working days.

How can I return my Flipkart order after delivery?

You can place a return request on the My Orders page. You will then need to choose the return option. Either for refund, or replacement, or exchange and according to Flipkart return policy.

Can we return a product on Flipkart if we do not like it?

Whenever you do not like an item that you just bought in Flipkart after receiving it you can place a return request. You must choose the exchange return option. You can get the exchange items as long as it follows Flipkart return policy.

Does Flipkart refund money if I return the product I bought?

You can get a refund as long as the returned item fit Flipkart return policy. When it happens, the refund amount shall be credited back into the related bank account you have used when procuring the items.

How can I complain to Flipkart?

To place a complaint to Flipkart you can call 1800-208-9898 or (080) 49400000 and speak with Flipkart customer care executive. As such you must clearly explain the issue in a concise manner. To raise a complaint, the executive will ask for some information such as your Order ID, registered mobile number or email ID.

How do I contact Flipkart customer care?

For inquiry or raise a complaint you can call Flipkart Customer Care phone number at:

1800-208-9898 or (080) 49400000

Another option is, to use the Contact Us page in Flipkart using this link You just simply fill in the required information then click Submit. Afterward, a Flipkart customer care executive will contact you in 24 hours.

What is Flipkart?

Flipkart is well known as India’s online Fashion Capital. The e-commerce company was established in 2008, with head office in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Flipkart focused on selling consumer electronics, fashion, home essentials, groceries, and lifestyle products.

Is Flipkart better than Amazon in India?

Among people in India, Flipkart is the most trusted brand in comparison to Amazon. Although Amazon once threatened Flipkart by its expansion a few years back, Flipkart managed to regain the people's trust by regularly boosting their sale promotion.

Other Ways to track Flipkart Orders

#1 How to track order using tracking tools in Flipkart website

You can track your Flipkart orders using tracking tools provided on Flipkart website. Again, it is quite simple but next to the tracking number you must include your Flipkart email address to do it.

The tracking steps are as follows:

1. Visit Flipkart tracking page at this link

2. Click on the Tracking ID field to enter the tracking number that you wish to track and press Tab afterward.

3. Continue by entering your Flipkart email address in the next field, then click SHOW DETAILS to proceed.

How to track order using tracking tools in Flipkart website

Flipkart Order Track page

#2 How to track Flipkart order on Ecom Express?

For those Flipkart orders shipped using Ecom Express courier, you can also do Flipkart orders tracking in Ecom Express tracking page. Just follow the following steps to do it:

1. Visit this link in your browser.

2. Continue by clicking the Airway Bill/Order Ref No box to enter the tracking number that you wish to track.

3. Then press the Track button when ready to proceed with order tracking.

How to track Flipkart order on Ecom Express?

Ecom Express shipment traking page

#3 How to track Flipkart orders on eKart Logistic?

If you have chosen eKart Logistic as the courier to deliver your Flipkart order, you can also use the shipment tracking in eKart website, as follows:

1. Open eKart website in your browser

2. Then click the TRACK YOUR SHIPMENT field to enter your Tracking ID you wish to track.

3. Continue by clicking the magnifying glass icon to proceed the tracking.

How to track Flipkart orders on eKart Logistic?

Shipment Tracking tools in eKart home page


#4 How to track Flipkart by Order ID?

Another Flipkart orders tracking option is using the tracking feature in each related order. For this kind of order tracking, you have to login into your Flipkart account.

The steps are as follows:

1. After login on to your Flipkart account select and click My Orders from the menu

2. Continue by choosing the order that you wanted to track.

3. Then click the Track feature next to the right of the Order ID.

#5 How to track Flipkart orders using Flipkart mobile number?

You can also do Flipkart orders tracking from Flipkart application in your mobile number. The tracking steps are similar as using the Flipkart order ID.

1. Open Flipkart application in your mobile number and make sure you have login into your account.

2. Then tap My Orders to open your orders list and to find the order that you wish to track.

3. Proceed by tapping the Track feature in the related order.