Myntra Order Tracking

For regular shoppers buying online in Myntra is simple with many choices on how to deliver the package to your house or to other destinations. Eventually you might have a question on how to track the delivery status. The answer is using a Myntra order tracking page. Myntra works extensively with Ekart and more courier companies to deliver items. You can easily track your Myntra order delivery status by following the steps. 

How to Track Myntra Order Delivery Status?

1. Locate your Myntra tracking number at Myntra account

2. Enter the Myntra tracking number in the search box above

3. Select a Myntra courier partner that you wish to track.

Flipkart order tracking

4. After a few minutes, you will see the shipment status of your Myntra package status displayed on your screen.

FAQ on Myntra Order Tracking

Where to find Myntra tracking number?

When you buy an item in Myntra and have chosen the delivery courier, you will get a tracking id in your order details. It is different from order ID. Myntra tracking ID used to be the airway bill number provided by the delivery courier.

So, you can get the tracking ID of your order delivery within the order confirmation email sent to you by Myntra. Usually in 15 digits length, combination of alphabet and numbers.

Tracking No. in Myntra Tracking Status

Does Myntra deliver on time?

Like many other online stores, Myntra maintains its on-time delivery services quality. Besides having its own logistic services, Myntra also partners with a number of courier services to deliver packages for its customers.

What happens if I miss my Myntra delivery?

There is no need to worry when you miss a Myntra delivery. The courier will come back and deliver your package on the next working day. You can also call Myntra customer service at  080-6156 1999 to ask for the latest update of your package delivery.

Do Myntra deliver packages on Sundays and holidays?

Myntra will always deliver your package as scheduled, even on Sunday. If you need to have your package delivered on a holiday you can contact the delivery agent for a holiday delivery arrangement.

What are the shipping fees in Myntra?

The shipping fees vary based on your package dimensions or weight, the delivery distances, and by the type of delivery services you choose. For package weight up to 1 kilogram, if you choose a standard delivery service, it will cost you US $2. The shipping will cost you twice if you choose the express delivery at US$4 for the same weight of package.

How can I get free delivery on Myntra?

When you shop on Myntra you could get a free delivery for an order price of US$100 or more. Usually, for a free package delivery the shipment will be taken care of by Myntra inhouse delivery service. Occasionally, you can also get a promotional sale with free delivery service.

How many days does it take for Myntra to deliver?

In Myntra, for a standard delivery service it will take 4 to 5 days to deliver. While for express delivery service the delivery time is about 2 to 3 days.

How can I return my Myntra order after delivery?

Myntra has a strict rule in terms of return policy. So, you can raise an order return as long as it complies with Myntra policy. You can place a return by visiting your Myntra account and choose the order that you want to return. You can choose the return option next to it and then choose your return option. Either for a Refund, Replacement, or Exchange.

Can we return a product on Myntra if we do not like it?

You can return a product on Myntra when you feel it does not suit you. Just visit your Myntra account and access the order that you wanted to return, then choose Replacement as your reason. Make sure that your replacement request is according to Myntra return policy.

Does Myntra refund money if I return the product I bought?

You can get a refund as long as your order returns comply with Myntra return policy. When approved your money will be credited back to the same designated bank account when you do the purchase.

How can I complain to Myntra?

To raise a complaint to Myntra you can either call Myntra customer service or access Myntra’s Contact Us page. A customer service executive will follow up by contacting you within 24 hours, the latest. Please be prepared, as the customer executive will ask for your personal identification and order ID to follow up the complaint.

How do I contact Myntra customer care?

Myntra provides 24/7 customer service. For inquiry or to raise a complaint you can contact Myntra customer service hotline number +91-80-61561999. As mentioned before, you can also contact Myntra customer service by visiting the Contact Us page.

What is Myntra?

Myntra is a well-known online store in India. An e-commerce company that was first launched in 2007. In 2014 Myntra was acquired by Flipkart and has been involved in a B2C e-commerce business model since then. 

Is Myntra better than Amazon in India?

Myntra is a renowned brand among people in India. Although it can not match the business sizes as Amazon has, Myntra online transaction has recorded a massive increase within the last decade.

Other Ways to Track Myntra Orders

#1 How to track Myntra order on Ecom Express?

When you choose Ecom Express as the delivery courier, you can use the orders tracking tools from Use the tracking tools in the following steps:

1. Open the Agogopost tracking page by clicking this link → Ecom Express Tracking.

2. Proceed by clicking Enter tracking number field, then enter the Ecom Express tracking number that you wish to track.

3. Proceed by clicking the Track button when ready to start the order tracking.

Aside from the above mentioned tracking, you can also visit Ecom Express website and use the tracking page to check your Myntra Order shipment status.

#2 How to track Myntra order on eKart Logistic?

If you want to track Myntra orders on eKart Logistic, you can also visit Agogopost eKart Tracking page, as follows:

1. Visit the tracking page by clicking this link → Agogopost eKart Tracking.

2. Click the Enter Tracking Number field, then continue to type eKart tracking number that you wish to check. 

3. Proceed by pressing Enter or click Track to execute.

Another option in tracking Myntra orders on eKart is to visit eKart website  and use the Track Shipment features.

#3 Tracking Myntra order on Delhivery

Quite similar to the above tracking.  You can also use tracking page from Agogopost to track your Myntra order delivery using Delhivery. The tracking steps are as follows:

1. Visit the Agogopost Delhivery tracking page by clicking this link → Delhivery Shipment Tracking.

2. Continue by clicking the Enter Tracking Number field, then continue to type Delhivery tracking number that you wish to check. 

3. Proceed by pressing Enter or click Track to execute the tracking process.

Another option for Delhivery shipment tracking is to use the Shipment Tracking feature in Delhivery website.


#4 Tracking Order using Track feature in Myntra Website

Another tracking option is to track the delivery directly on Myntra website. To do it just follow the steps below:

1. Open Myntra website and login to access your Myntra account page.

2. Hover the My Myntra link, then choose My Order on the displayed popup menu below to open your orders history.

3. Find the Myntra order you wish to track and click Track next to it to see the delivery details. 

4. Tracking details of a Myntra order