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About OnBuy

We're an Online Marketplace

We launched in November 2016 and are now the fastest-growing marketplace in the world. How, you ask?

We saw what other major marketplaces offered and thought we could improve on this - so we did! We created a fairer, more transparent marketplace that puts its buyers and sellers first. By doing this, we can offer you all the same advantages as the leading marketplaces but in a new way that benefits everyone.

As we aim to be fair and transparent, we don't compete with our sellers by selling anything ourselves and we never will. We're here to connect buyers like you with thousands of professional business sellers (and vice versa) to bring you a simple, secure shopping experience.

Since launching in 2016, we've welcomed sellers of all sizes on board, from household names to smaller independent retailers. By making a fairer platform for sellers, they work with us to offer you a wider product range than other marketplaces. With our competitive fees, they can price better too - all so we can bring you the best products, prices and service possible.

How does OnBuy work?


Find an item and compare price, delivery cost, delivery times, seller reviews and warranty


Payments are securely processed by PayPal and eligible orders are backed up by Buyer Protection


We hope you enjoy your order. And don't forget to...


By reviewing your order, you'll be entered into our monthly prize draw!

Why should I shop with OnBuy?

- Huge amount of choice with over 35 million products

- PayPal Buyer Protection on eligible orders

- Shop from thousands of small to medium businesses as well as your favourite brands

- We only allow verified reviews for genuine orders

- Simple, secure checkout powered by PayPal

- Support a UK business that pays its fair share of tax

Is OnBuy safe?——Absolutely!

Our sellers are professionals, so you know you're buying from an established company or sole trader rather than an individual. You can read reviews of our sellers and their products to help you make an informed decision about your purchase.

We partnered with PayPal, the world-leading payment system, in 2018 to offer you increased security and protection when using OnBuy.

Your money and personal details are kept safe: every transaction you make on OnBuy will be protected with PayPal's advanced data encryption and subject to their thorough security checks to prevent fraud, email phishing and identity theft. PayPal securely hold your money until your item is dispatched - and that's not all!

You can shop with all major credit and debit cards through PayPal, and eligible orders are backed up by PayPal Buyer Protection, giving you added security and peace of mind.