Paytm Order Tracking

Currently, all leading logistics players including Ecom Express, Delhivery, Bluedart, FedEx, and others are working with Paytm.

You can easily track your Paytm order delivery status by following the steps. 

1. Locate your Paytm tracking number at Paytm account

2. Enter the Paytm tracking number in the search box above

3. Choose the related delivery courier

Flipkart order tracking

4. Just wait for a moment, the next screen will display your Paytm Order delivery status.

Paytm order tracking using Agogopost apps

Another Paytm order tracking option is to use Agogopost apps. You can download Agogopost apps from Google Play Store and install them on your android cell phone. The application is similar to what has been described before.

How to find the Paytm tracking number and the courier company?

As soon as after completing your Paytm order transaction, you will get a confirmation mail and SMS text. The information sent will include the Paytm tracking number and the name of the courier company. So, you can then use that data to track your Paytm order.

The tracking ID is the airway bill number issued by the related courier company. The format will vary, usually, it is 10 to 14 digits in length.

Other options to track Paytm Order

In delivering customers’ orders Paytm maintained cooperation with several courier service provider companies. Such as Bluedart, Ecom Express, Delhivery, GATI, FedEx, and others. In that regard, you can also do order tracking using each related courier tracking tool. From the order confirmation mail or SMS text, you know which courier company will deliver your order.

Next to using the tracking tools in this webpage, you can also use the one provided for the related courier company. When you google such tracking tools on the internet, you will get a lengthy list of tracking tools webpages result. In terms of simple to use, for sure all of them are pretty much similar.

Within the next topics, we will guide you to use Paytm order tracking tools for numbers of most common courier companies served in Paytm mall.

Paytm order tracking with Bluedart courier

1. Open the Blue Dart tracking webpage by clicking this link Bluedart Shipment Tracking.

2. Click on the Enter tracking number box, then type in the tracking ID.

3. Complete your steps by pressing Enter or click Track.

Just wait for a while. You will see your Paytm order delivery status delivered by Bluedart on your screen.

Bluedart tracking page from Agogopost

Paytm order tracking with Ecom Express courier

1. Visit Ecom Express tracking page by clicking this link Ecom Express Shipment Tracking.

2. Continue by clicking the Enter tracking number box to type in the tracking number.

3. Proceed by pressing Enter or click Track to execute the search.

Paytm order tracking with Delhivery courier

1. Just like the other courier tracking, click this link Delivery Shipment Tracking to open the tracking webpage.

2. Continue by clicking the Enter tracking number box.

3. Proceed by typing in the tracking ID.

4. Press Enter or click Track to see the shipment status.

Tracking Paytm order from Paytm website or apps

Next to the above-described tracking pages, you can also track your order using tracking features on the Paytm website or apps. Such a tracking option is available for each order detail. You can access it by logging into your Paytm account.

FAQ about Paytm Order Tracking

What is the delivery time for Paytm order shipping?

It depends on travel distance and geographical condition. For an in-city or a closer inter-city delivery, it can take 2 to 3 days. While for a long inter-city distance it can take about 3 to 5 days to deliver.

Please be aware, Paytm courier partners only deliver during working days. Therefore, the delivery schedule set for each Paytm order will be set for working days only.

How to find the Paytm tracking number?

You can find the Paytm tracking ID within the confirmation mail and SMS text sent after completing an order. The information sent will include the name of the courier company and the designated tracking ID.

Please note, the tracking ID used is the airway bill number issued by the related courier.

How can I contact Paytm customer service?

Paytm mall customer care contact number is 0120-4606060. It is available 24/7. As soon as a Paytm customer care staff answers, you can directly place your inquiry or ask a question. 

Another option is sending an email to or sending a Twitter DM message to @paytmmallcare.

How can I file a complaint to Paytm?

In terms of complaint response time, Paytm customer care staff usually will contact you to follow up in 24 hours.

Who is the Paytm courier partner in India?

As of today, Paytm is in cooperation with all leading courier companies in India, including GATI, Ecom Express, Delhivery, Bluedart, FedEx, and others. Such courier cooperation is important to maintain the on-time delivery assurance for its customers.

How do I contact Paytm delivery?

You will get an SMS text notification when your order is on its way for delivery. The information will include the name of the delivery personnel and his cellphone number. You can directly contact the delivery person if you need to inquire regarding arrival time and others.

Who is Paytm?

Paytm was founded in 2010 in Noida, Delhi. The company specializes in digital payment systems, e-commerce, and financial services. Paytm is an abbreviation of Pay through mobile, as it first started providing an e-wallet service in 2015 for online deals and bus ticketing. Since then, Paytm is well known as the largest digital payment service provider in India.

During its development, Paytm received funding from a number of international investors, including Alibaba, the online retail giant from China. Today Paytm mall, its online retail services renowned as one of the largest online stores in India.

Paytm Insurance is a wholly-owned subsidiary of One97 Communications Ltd (OCL) and has secured a brokerage license from IRDAI. It offers insurance products to millions of Indian consumers across four categories including two-wheeler, four-wheeler, health and life. The company aims to simplify insurance and create a seamless, easy to understand online journey for its customers.