Shopee Order Tracking

Currently, shopee works with some couriers to deliver items, including Ninja Van, J&T Express and others.  You can easily track your shopee packages with AgogoPost tracking system. AgogoPost provides a track and trace service for your goods. For the purpose of tracking your orders on Shopee, you do not need to install the Shopee App on your device. If you input the Shopee tracking number to the AgogoPost, an AgogoPost tracking search engineer will respond within seconds with the status of your item's arrival. 

How to track Shopee order?

You can take that tracking number an paste it using the following services.

Track Shopee Express Packages Using AgogoPost

The following are the specific steps:
1. Locate your shopee tracking number. The item will be sent to you by a courier, logistics firm, or postal service provider after your Shopee purchase is complete and ready to be delivered to you. Each order will also be assigned a unique tracking number, which will enable you to keep track of where your item is at all times and when it is anticipated to arrive at its destination.

2. Type in the tracking number to the search box above for your parcel.

3. Select a shopee courier partner you wish to track.

4. Then click the Track button and select the courier company you want to track.

Now you can find the latest information such as the location and status of your package.

Track Shopee Express Packages Using Shopee App

To keep track of the status of your order, you can check your Shopee App on a frequent basis. Please wait 24 - 48 hours for the couriers to update your order status, so please allow for this in your schedule. Unless otherwise indicated, orders will be shipped and delivered in accordance with the Seller's anticipated Days to Ship and Courier Delivery Lead Time estimates, unless otherwise stated.

Please refer to this page for further information on how long you should anticipate it will take for your order to be delivered. Whenever possible, Shopee will provide notifications in the event of delays caused by federally proclaimed holidays or extreme weather conditions, as necessary. It is important to keep track on your orders on a regular basis to guarantee that they do not go missing.

To discover how to track your purchases inside the App, just follow these simple instructions:
Step 1: Go to My Purchases and choose "To Ship," "To Receive," "Completed," or "Cancelled" from the drop-down menu of the list of available choices. It is possible to access this function by clicking on the "Me" option in the navigation bar. The item you wish to monitor may be found in My Purchases; just choose it and touch on it to bring up the tracking information for that item.
Step 2: On the Shipping Information page, you will be able to see how your order is progressing.

Alternatively, if an order does not come within the anticipated delivery time or if an item does not arrive in the expected/appropriate condition, you might state the following: To seek an extension of the Shopee guarantee or a refund in the alternative scenario mentioned above, click on the "Extend Shopee Guarantee" or "Request Return/Refund" buttons on the right-hand side of the screen. Following an extension of the Shopee Guarantee and receiving no response from the seller, you may opt to return your item for a refund or exchange. This option is only available for orders that do not include cash on delivery.

Which local courier company will be responsible for delivering my Shopee package?

Track Shopee Indonesia

Shopee Indonesia delivers mainly via JNE Express, J&T Express, POS Indonesia, and NinjaVan, among other carriers.

Track Shopee Philippines

LBC Express, Black Arrow Express, and UPS are some of the common shipping methods used by Shopee Philippines.

Track Shopee Thailand

When it comes to delivery, Shopee Thailand often works with Thailand Post, Thai Parcel, and NinjvaVan Thailand.

Track Shopee Malaysia

When it comes to delivery providers, Shopee Malaysia most often works with NinjvaVan, ABX Express, Gdex, Poslaju, J&T Express, POS Malaysia, and Skynet.

Since August 2018, merchants on Shopee Malaysia will be able to ship their goods via DHL as a result of a recent reform. In practice, this means that merchants on Shopee Malaysia may now choose to ship their goods via DHL and have them delivered to their consumers the following day in most parts of Malaysia, and two to three days in more remote regions, as opposed to the previous option.

In addition to dropping off goods at DHL Service Points, which are conveniently located across Malaysia, sellers on Shopee may also arrange for their shipments to be delivered directly to their consumers. DHL Service Points are strategically located across Malaysia for your convenience. Selling large quantities of shipments may also arrange for DHL to pick up their packages and transport them door-to-door from their location to the purchaser's location, saving them time and money.

Given the extensive and well-established expertise in logistics that DPDHL Group has, it is expected that DHL eCommerce will be able to provide best-in-class domestic delivery that is both reliable and includes specialized solutions for the e-commerce industry in the near future. With plans to extend its Service Point network in Malaysia to more than a thousand sites in the coming months, DHL eCommerce will be able to offer consumers more choice, control, and convenience when it comes to e-commerce shipping.

Because of the Parcels website and apps, you will no longer have to be concerned about where your cargo is or when it will arrive.

What is the delivery time for Shopee Standard Express shipping?

Your choice of shipping courier will have an impact on the services they provide. A choice is available between the following two kinds of deliveries: Standard delivery and Shopee fast delivery:

Standard delivery takes 2-8 business days from the moment your purchase leaves Shopee's warehouse. Express shipping takes 2-4 business days. Shopee's express shipping service delivers your purchase within 1-3 business days of the moment it leaves the warehouse.

Shopee express has launched a new service in 2018 called Shopee24 express, which is similar to UberX. Orders are delivered to registered residential locations within 24 hours of placing the purchase via this service.

How to find Shopee tracking number?

Visit Shopee website.
1. Go to the "Order Details" page, then to the "Ship" page, and lastly to the "Shipping" page to complete your order.
2. Pick the logistics provider from the drop-down menu by selecting "Set Carrier" from the drop-down menu.
3. Make a note of your tracking number in the given field.
4. From the drop-down option, choose "SHIP."
5. In the "Shipping Information" column, the tracking number has been updated to reflect the latest information.

Is Shopee Express able to deliver at night?

Goods are delivered via the Standard Delivery service (through Shopee Xpress), which is a Shopee-sponsored logistics service that strives to deliver your orders in the lowest period of time. On Monday through Friday, the Standard Delivery service is offered seven days a week from 8:00 a.m to 7:00 p.m. Central Standard Time (excluding selected holidays).

How can I contact Shopee customer service?

Customers may contact the Shopee company's customer care department in a number of ways, depending on their needs.
Their extensive FAQ section is easily accessible from both their web page and their mobile application.
Shopee customer service is available in English via their live chat function, which is available on both their website and mobile application.

It is possible to register as either a customer or a vendor on their support website, and then enter your email address, the topic of your inquiry, and information about the product description. The majority of the time, they respond within one to two days. The company has given you with a telephone number that you may call if you need to get in touch with them. To talk with a representative, call 0288805200 weekdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and weekends from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.

How does AgogoPost help you with Shopee order tracking?

AgogoPost provides rapid package tracking for users worldwide with a choice of various shipping courier companies. Go to Agogopost,com just enter the tracking number or shipping receipt number, then click Track.
In addition, the AgogoPost is also available for your APP. The application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or from other Android application providers.
Tracking parcel shipments with AgogoPost is very easy.