Snapdeal Order Tracking

Currently, Snapdeal works with other courier partners to deliver items. You can easily track your Snapdeal order delivery status by following the steps. 

1. Locate your Snapdeal tracking number at Snapdeal account

2. Enter the Snapdeal tracking number in the search box above

3. Select a Snapdeal courier partner that you wish to track.

4. Check the shipment status of your Snapdeal packages.

Snapdeal order tracking using Agogopost apps

Next to using this tracking page, you can also do Snapdeal order tracking using Agogopost apps. You can download Agogopost apps from Google Play Store into your android cellphone. To do the Snapdeal order tracking is quite similar as described before.

What is the Snapdeal tracking number?

As has been described before, you must use the tracking ID and choose the right courier company name to track your Snapdeal order shipment. You can easily find the tracking ID and the courier company within the confirmation mail or SMS text sent to you after completing your Snapdeal order.

Please note, the tracking ID is the airway bill number issued by the related courier company. The format will vary, depending on the courier company. Usually, it is between 10 to 14 digits in length.

Other options to track Snapdeal order

Next to using Snapdeal order tracking tools you can also track your order shipment using the tracking tools of the related courier shipment tracking tools.

Snapdeal cooperates with several courier services providers to deliver customers' orders. Such as Xpressbees, Bluedart, FedEx, and Delhivery. In that regard, You will directly notice which courier provider service used to deliver your Snapdeal order. Such information will be included within the confirmation mail or SMS text sent to you, together with the tracking ID.

To track your order shipment using the tracking ID you can use the related courier tracking tools. You can find many shipment tracking tools of those companies on the internet. Whereas many are developed by shipment tracking web pages providers, such as

Within the following topics, we will describe how to track Snapdeal orders delivered by Xpressbees, Bluedart, and Delhivery.

Snapdeal order tracking delivered by Xpressbees

1. Visit the tracking webpage by clicking this link   Xpressbees Shipment Tracking.

2. As soon as it opens, click the Enter tracking number box.

3. Continue by entering the tracking ID.

4. Complete the steps by pressing Enter or clicking Track.

After a while, your screen will display the Xpressbees delivery status of your Snapdeal order. By the way, you must use the tracking ID, not the Snapdeal order ID.

Xpressbees tracking webpage from Agogopost

Snapdeal order tracking delivered by Bluedart.

1. Click this link Bluedart Shipment Tracking to visit the tracking webpage.

2. Proceed by clicking the Enter tracking number box as soon as the webpage is displayed.

3. Followed by typing in the tracking ID.

4. Conclude your quest by pressing Enter or clicking Track.

Again, just to remind you, for the tracking ID do not use the Snapdeal order ID. You can use this tracking web page only if your Snapdeal order is delivered by Bluedart.

Snapdeal order tracking delivered by Delhivery

1. Just like before, click this link Delivery Shipment Tracking to open the tracking webpage.

2. Continue by clicking the Enter tracking number box.

3. Proceed by typing in the tracking ID.

4. Press Enter or click Track to see the shipment status.

Order tracking features in Snapdeal official website or apps

Aside from tracking features as described in prior topics, you can also track your order using the tracking features in Snapdeal's official website or apps. To use such features, you must first log in into your Snapdeal account and access the order details that you wish to track.

FAQ about Snapdeal Order Tracking

What is the delivery time for Snapdeal order shipping?

Snapdeal order delivery time will depend on the traveling distance, climate, and geographic condition. In general, for domestic destinations in India Snapdeal order delivery will take 1 to 3 days. However, for a longer distance, Snapdeal order delivery can take 3 to 5 days.

How to find Snapdeal tracking number?

You can find the Snapdeal tracking number within the confirmation mail or SMS text sent to you after completing a transaction. Another way to find it is, by accessing your order details in your online Snapdeal account.

How can I contact Snapdeal customer service?

You can contact Snapdeal customer service through WhatsApp chat at +91 8130 2228 68 Another option is to call +91 8820 7777 77 to speak to Snapdeal customer service.

How can I file a complaint to Snapdeal?

The recommendation is to contact Snapdeal customer service at the abovementioned WhatsApp number or the hotline number. Make sure to prepare proper documentation such as your order details, your ID, and others. Snapdeal customer service personnel will require those documents to authenticate your complaint.

Who is Snapdeal's courier partner in India?

Next to Xpressbees, Bluedart, FedEx, and Delhivery, Snapdeal is also in partnership with Vulcan Express and UPS. Vulcan Express is involved in domestic delivery. While UPS will usually be involved in delivering Snapdeal order international delivery next to FedEx.

How can I get free delivery on Snapdeal?

In Snapdeal, free delivery is often provided for a certain amount of order transactions. Usually, when buying an item that costs US$50 or more, free delivery service is included.

How can I get fast delivery on Snapdeal?

Snapdeal offers the ‘Next Day Delivery’ service during working hours. Such service is available for in-city delivery or short-distance inter-city delivery.

Does Snapdeal deliver internationally?

You can ship your Snapdeal order to an international destination. The courier service for such international customers usually is taken care of either by FedEx or UPS.

Who is Snapdeal?

Snapdeal is an eCommerce company in India. Founded in 2010, since then Snapdeal positioned itself as one of the top online stores in India. Snapdeal online store is renowned for its safe and lots of shopping options.