Lazada Order Tracking

Who are the for Lazada works with some delivery partners to deliver itmes including Lazada Express (LEX), Ninja Van, Entrego, Ximex Delivery Express, JRMT, and other companies. You can easily track Lazada packages by following the steps.

How to track Lazada order?

You can track Lazada orders by following the steps below:
1. Locate Lazada tracking number at Lazada account. Whenever your Lazada order is complete and ready for shipment, the item is sent to the appropriate courier or postal service and given a tracking number to monitor its progress. The tracking number for your Lazada purchase can be located on the order page, which is the location where you should go to keep track of your package.

2. Enter the tracking number of your parcel on the search box above

3. Select a Lazada courier partner you wish to track

4. Click Track button. Now you can find the latest information including location and package status of your parcel

Which local courier will deliver Lazada (LEX) package?

It is not just LEL Express that will deliver your Lazada (LEX) delivery; there are a number of other couriers available. Its logistics network comprises DHL, Rincos, 7-Eleven, acommerce, Ninjva Van, Skynet, and other companies in addition to LEX MY(Bahasa Malaysia) and LEX TH(Tiang Viet), LEX SG, LEX PH, LEX VN(Tiang Viet), and LEX ID(Bahasa Indonesia).

Lazada Malaysia: Lazada eLogistics, NinjvaVan, ABX Express, Gdex, Poslaju, J&T Express, POS Malaysia, Skynet.
Lazada Indonesia: JNE, J&T Express, POS Indonesia.
Lazada Singapore: Lazada eLogistics, NinjvaVan, Singapore Post.
Lazada Philippines: LBC Express.

How long does it take Lazada to deliver?

First of all, it depends on what product did you purchase. Delivery of international parcels will much slower than the local one. And some countries and regions support instant delivery.

In accordance with the seller(s) you've purchased from, basically, you'll be able to see an expected delivery time for your order: Please allow 3 to 5 business days after receiving our delivered notification email for orders placed via local vendors. The shipping time may vary from 5 to 20 business days if you purchased from an international vendor after receiving our delivered notice. Go to the lazada account product detail page by clicking on the desired item. On the right-hand side of the page, you'll find information on how long it will take to get your order.

Example - Thailand delivery time

Shipping Address

Merchant Area

Delivery Time

From Ho Chi Min City


2 ~ 5 working days

From Ho Chi Min City

Ho Chi Min City

1 ~ 3 working days

From Hanoi


1 ~ 3 working days

From Hanoi

Ho Chi Min City

2 ~ 5 working days

Outside Ho Chi Min City

Hanoi & Ho Chi Min City

2 ~ 8 working days

Outside Hanoi

Hanoi & Ho Chi Min City

2 ~ 8 working days

Does lazada Lazada have same day delivery?

This same-day Lazada Express Delivery service became available immediately after the company's launch of the CoD (Cash on Delivery) payment option for international purchases on its website. The fact that Lazada wants everyone to utilize their services shows unequivocally that they are actively pursuing this objective.

When it comes to delivery speed, the new ultra-rapid delivery option is comparable to Amazon Prime's same-day delivery service, according to the company. This option is for clients who need their products to be delivered immediately or who just cannot wait until the next business day to get their items.

You may benefit of the Lazada Express Delivery service only if you make your order before 1pm, and it comes at an extra fee of Php29 per item. Next Day Delivery is still an option even if you miss the cutoff date. Your products would, in the vast majority of cases, be delivered the next day regardless of whether or not you paid for the extra service.

However, this delivery service is presently unavailable owing to a lack of available resources during the COVID-19 health crisis.

Does Lazada deliver on Saturday?

In Lazada, different country has different shipping & delivery policy:
Unfortunately, because of a shortage of available resources, Lazada's courier partners in Malaysia are unable to deliver on weekends or public holidays. Please keep in mind that you will only get your shipment on business days. Thank you very much. Aside from that, the number of working days may vary depending on which courier partner is allocated to deliver your item. Weekday evenings and weekends, on the other hand, are usually off-limits for the most majority of our courier partners and their drivers.

Even on weekends and holidays, orders made in the Philippines may be delivered to their destinations. Whenever your order is delivered, you will be able to get an in-app notice confirming the order's arrival. Please double-check your shipping address and be certain that you will be there to accept delivery when the item arrives. Allow for the possibility that couriers may need to contact you after they have arrived at your delivery location by leaving your phone and email lines open.
Thank you very much.
Weekend and holiday deliveries will continue to be made in Indonesia, but they will only be provided to residential addresses rather than businesses. If your order will be delivered to a business, it will arrive the next business day. It will be delivered the following working day if you request it to be delivered to a residential address in the UK.

Use the methods listed below to input information about the address you entered to make it easier and more customized for the delivery schedule. You can input information about the address you entered, such as whether it is a work address or a residential address, to make it easier and more customized for the delivery schedule:
1. Open your Lazada app, go to “Account”, and click “Settings” on the top right corner of your Account page.
2. On the “Settings” menu, select “My Address”.
3. Specify your address as “Work” or “Home” by pressing one of the labels.

How do I find Lazada tracking number?

When your Lazada order is ready for delivery, it is delivered to the courier or postal service provider and you will be provided with a tracking number. Lazada shipments may be monitored by entering the tracking number provided on the Lazada website for your purchase. Following that, you can monitor the progress of your Lazada delivery by entering the tracking number from your order into the tracking box above and selecting the "Track Parcel" button to receive the most up-to-date status on your Lazada shipment.

Instead, you may use, which is Lazada's in-house package tracking system.
This is done to avoid confusion between Lazada's tracking numbers and the orders placed on the site. The tracking number for your couriered delivery must be entered in order to monitor the status of your package's delivery.

In below, you can see what tracking numbers look like for different delivery providers. Below you will find how tracking numbers look like for a variety of delivery companies
● Lazada eLogistics – 3526XXXXX-XXXX, MYMP00000091XXXX, MPDS-3974XXXXX-XXXX
● Gdex - MYXXXX693XXXX, 86XXX08XXX
● Skynet – 2XXXX8XXX5XX
● Poslaju - ER5XXX83XXXMY

It is necessary to contact customer care if your tracking number is not functioning properly. As a result, you may not be able to see the tracking information. When our logistics partner updates their system data on H+1 or D+3 working days, the information will be made available to the general public.

Additionally, by checking into your Lazada account on a regular basis, you can keep track on the status of your orders. When you check on the status of your order, the Lazada system will be the most up-to-date information available to you.

How can I contact Lazada customer service?

Pretty easy. Here we provide the contact of Lazada in different countries for you:
Viet Nam:

What is Lazada (LEX) Courier?

Last mile delivery capabilities are provided by Lazada's own B2C last mile delivery capabilities, which cover everything from pick-up to sorting and delivery, as well as everything in between. Lazada (LEX) is a major e-Commerce platform in Southeast Asia, with over a billion transactions each month. LEL Express, also known as Lazada eLogistics, is the company's own logistics network.

Last mile delivery capabilities are provided by Lazada's own B2C last mile delivery capabilities, which cover everything from pick-up to sorting and delivery, as well as everything in between.

When considering the eCommerce opportunity in Southeast Asia, it is important to consider a growing population of more than 600 million consumers, increasing internet connectivity, widespread use of smart phones, a well-educated and technologically savvy populace, as well as rising GDP and purchasing power. The region's rate of eCommerce share of total retail, which is approximately 1 percent, represents a significant potential when compared to the western and Chinese rates of 14-17 percent.

Despite these incredible opportunities, the logistics environment in Southeast Asia continues to be a significant problem.

Those are the difficulties that Lazada eLogistics (LeL) is working to overcome in order to delight consumers and convert them to eCommerce. They are constructing a logistical network that is creative, highly visible, and cheap in cost. Its operational strategy is built on an ecosystem of logistics partners that are knitted together with cutting-edge technology and our modular infrastructure to form a cohesive whole.

Beyond being the Lazada Group's logistics arm, LeL is structured into four operational Business Units that support the company's operations.

How does AgogoPost help you with Lazada order tracking?

AgogoPost provides rapid package tracking for users worldwide with a choice of various shipping courier companies. Go to, just enter the tracking number or shipping receipt number then click Track.

In addition, the AgogoPost is also available for your APP. The application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or from other Android application providers.

Tracking parcel shipments with AgogoPost is very easy.