Company Introduction
About Company
Qoo10 is the world's largest online marketplace, to become Asia's leading online marketplace.
Qoo10 provides a powerful online marketplace platform that allows its buyers enjoy highly secure and convenient shopping experience.
The company currently operates 7 localized online marketplaces in 5 countries including Singapore(http://www.qoo10.sg) and
plans to expand into more Asian countries in the near future.
Our vision is to bring together diverse buyers and sellers worldwide and improve life everywhere.
We will strive to provide enjoyable and great shopping experience.
We will deliver 3Q services to our customers
we will dedicate to our customers “Quest” for fun and value.
We will provide “Quick” and seamless shopping services.
We will ensure “Quality” in our entire services.
Business Partnership Opportunity
Qoo10 currently has partnerships with various companies involving advertising, promotion, event, payment, and shipping services.
If you are seeking partnership opportunities with Qoo10, contact us at qoo10@qoo10.sg
and include the following information: company name, person in charge, contact information, and the reason for contacting us.
After review, we will contact you to discuss partnership opportunities.
Media Contact
Qoo10 has been featured in various publications, including
China Press, Her World, I-Weekly, My Paper, NNA,
Singapore Business Review, The Business Times, The Straits Times
Journalists are invited to contact our public relations liaison for media enquiries and requests:
Email: media@qoo10.com