Company Introduction
In Japanese, Rakuten stands for “optimism.”
This philosophy lies at the core of our brand.
"Walk Together" expresses our dedication to building a better,
more optimistic future by empowering individuals, businesses and societies to realize their dreams.
We embrace new and disruptive ideas, are committed to acting on them
and have the operational agility to implement and deliver at speed.
We walk together with our partners, making progress today
towards a more optimistic tomorrow.
Our Philosophy
Rakuten Group’s mission is to contribute to society by
creating value through innovation and entrepreneurship.
By providing high-quality services that help our users and partners grow,
we aim to advance and enrich society.
To fulfill our role as a Global Innovation Company,
we are committed to maximizing both corporate and shareholder value.
Contribute to society by creating value
through innovation and entrepreneurship
Empowering people to realize their hopes and dreams,
Embracing new thinking,
Rakuten changes the world through innovation.
Global Innovation Company
At Rakuten, we drive disruptive innovation,
Engaging knowledge, creativity and passion from around the world
To achieve ambitious goals
And help build communities in which people can pursue their dreams and live in happiness.
Values and Principles
Rakuten Shugi (Rakuten Basic Principles)
The core values of the Rakuten Group, along with the values and principles understood and practiced by Rakuten employees, embody Rakuten Shugi. The two components it consists of are the Brand Concepts and Five Principles for Success.
With Rakuten Shugi as a common foundation, we place high value on the entrepreneurial spirit that drives us to get things done. By working with local communities and nurturing a robust corporate culture enabling each member of our diverse team to perform at their best, the Rakuten Group is committed to boosting corporate value and contributing to progress in society.
The Rakuten Group Code of Ethics
In order to realize our ideal society, the Rakuten Group Code of Ethics governs our compliance when we carry out the Rakuten Group's mission as a member of society.
At the forefront of a rapidly evolving world, Rakuten Group is continually expanding its operations into new fields. We are looking for people who share our ambition to improve the way people live and drive progress in society through our revolutionary services.