How to Track Your Zalora Orders?

Copy the Zalora tracking number and paste it into the tracking part of to monitor the package.

Step 1, Enter your Zalora tracking number in the box above or open your browser and input, this website provides a stable and speedy service for tracking

Step 2, find your order number from zalora and then type into to track the status of your parcel

Step 3, if you have a bunch of orders needs tracking, instead of checking one by one in Zalora, you can patch tracking in at once

Of course, you can also track the order in Zalora after log-in. 

How do I find Zalora tracking number?

First of all, register with Zalora and choose "Track My Orders" from the drop-down menu when logged in.

In the next stage, you'll get a summary of all the orders you've placed thus far. After your cargo has been shipped, you will be able to utilize the "Track Box" option to find out where your package is currently. If tracking information is unavailable, you will be sent to the delivery courier's website, where you may find your tracking number to follow your product.

Please be aware that your tracking number may not become active for up to 24 hours after you get the "Order Shipped" message.

How to track return item on Zalora?

Depending on how you return items, it may be more or less difficult to locate them afterwards. The return tracking number may be located on the return label or your receipt, which you should get upon package drop-off or request. Please make a note of it. 

As soon as Zalora receives and processes your delivery, we'll let you know. 

You'll be able to track the status of your shipment on Zalora's website when your items are successfully picked up by the company's partner courier. 0018-ORDER NUMBER–PR or 0018-2xxxxxxxx-PR is the preferred format for returning tracking numbers to prevent any misunderstanding. 

You will get a receipt with a Return Tracking Number when you send off your item. You'll be able to track your returned shipment's progress on the provider's website this way. 

Keep an eye out for email notifications as well. You will be contacted by email after Zalora's staff has received and processed your shipment.

Which local courier will deliver Zalora parcels?

Since 2012, Zalora has spread its business almost all over Asia, including Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and regions like Taiwan, Hongkong. In each country or region, Zalora has its own express & logistic partners providing local transportation service. 

Zalora Tracking Malaysia 

Zalora in Malaysia offers an express delivery option at RM11.90 for Peninsular Malaysia, allowing you to acquire your item much more swiftly! If not, your order will be delivered the following business day. Best of all, it accepts any payment option, including Cash on Delivery, which is quite convenient (COD). Customers who place purchases on business days will have their items delivered the next business day. When ordering on Sunday, it is possible that your purchase may not arrive until Tuesday. You should bear in mind that Express Delivery does not apply to CollectCo deliveries (which are for self-collection), nor does it apply to deliveries made on weekends or public holidays. A limited number of places around Peninsular Malaysia are equipped to offer this service. 

In Malaysia, Zalora shares partnerships with the following couriers: NinjaVan, Pos Laju, CollectCo.

post office (Pos Laju) - The tracking number is a 13-digit alphanumeric code that may be found in the upper right corner of your return label or proof of delivery. Postal service Visit the PosLaju e-tracker to see where your return shipment is right now. 

12 character tracking number from CollectCo may be located on either your return label or drop-off evidence, depending on what you choose. You may trace the status of your return shipment by entering this number into CollectCo's online tracking system. To avoid having to wait in line for a physical receipt, drop-off locations may instead provide "proof of drop-off" through email if one is not available. Your tracking number should be accessible within 30 minutes after drop-off; if it is not, you may contact CollectCo here. 

NinjaVan - The tracking number consists of 10 numeric digits and may be found on your return label or proof of drop-off, depending on which you pick. Enter this tracking number into Ninjavan's e-tracker to keep tabs on your return cargo.

The contact of Zalora Malaysia,

Zalora Tracking Singapore 

In Singapore, Zalora partners with local delivery couriers such as Singpost and NinjaVan, all of whom can be tracked using or our app, which can be found in the Google Play Store by searching for AgogoPost. In the United States, Zalora partners with national delivery couriers such as FedEx and UPS. Customers may select from a range of delivery and pickup options while shopping at Zalora in Singapore. There are many options available, the first and most apparent being a direct courier service. 

Another option is to pick up your package from a 7-11 store of your choice, where you may pay for it and then pick it up yourself. The Zalora fleet will transport the goods to all 72 7-11 stores throughout the island. 

Finally, there is the option of picking up your order at a POPStation. Many MRT stations and retail malls have POPStations where customers may pick up POPS. The delivery of your item will be verified by Singpost, and you will be able to pick it up from their office once it has arrived. Only a few localities in Peninsular Malaysia are prepared to provide this service.

The contact of Zalora Singapore,

Zalora Tracking Philippines

Delivery companies including LBC Express, 2GO, Entrego, DHL, and 7-Eleven have partnered with Zalora in the Philippines, and you can monitor their deliveries via or our applications. The Zalora-ENTREGO partnership allows for speedy, national delivery as well as extensive Cash-on-Delivery options.

The contact of Zalora Philippines, +63 (02) 8 858 0777

Zalora Tracking Indonesia

In Indonesia, Zalora supports Ninja Van, DHL and JNE, SAP. To minimize misunderstanding, you may track your Zalora orders via the AgogoPost app as well as our website, We'll know precisely how and where to track your Zalora order if you use our service, so you'll always know where it is and when it'll arrive. Additionally, it is absolutely free.

The contact of Zalora Indonesia, +62 2 129 490 100

How long does Zalora take to ship?

Zalora are committed to getting user’s items to him/her in the quickest time possible! Zalora delivery time may vary if items are sent from different locations. If the lead time is different, Zalora may prioritize pieces of your order and ship them separately. Alternatively, if user want guaranteed next-day delivery on "Sold by ZALORA" items, users can also utilize Express Delivery service of Zalora!

Does Zalora Offer Free Shipping? And How Can I Get Free Shipping On Zalora?

Zalora's shipping costs are kept to a minimum to provide customers the best value. Free or reduced delivery may be available depending on the products purchased and promotional campaign requirements. 

When determining shipping charges at checkout, the following factors will be considered:

● The shipping address

● Seller’s address

● Weight of your package

● Type of delivery speed

Besides, ZALORA offers free and easy exchanges and refunds/returns

How can I contact Zalora customer service?

You may contact ZALORA Customer Service Team at?

Zalora Philippines: +63 (02) 8 858 0777; 

Zalora Indonesia: +62 2 129 490 100; 

Zalora Singapore:

Zalora Malaysia: 03-92123535 or

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