Accessible HTML5 Query Function

Product Introduction:By sending a request to the specified address, the tracking information of the logistics tracking number can be displayed in a new html5 page, supporting all express companies, without post-maintenance, no application, and suitable for all mobile applications

Product Advantages:Fast development speed, no need for post-maintenance or application

1.Application Scenario

1. The user calls this API to display the result when opening "My Order" on e-commerce moblie applications

2. The mobile convenience tool calls this API to display the result after the user enters the courier company and tracking number

3. The user clicks to call the API to display the main query interface, and the query result is displayed after entering the courier tracking number

2. Do you need authorization


3. The HTML5 API pops up an HTML5 page to display the tracking information of the logistics order number

1. Request Address(

2. Input Parameters

NameTypeIs it necessaryDescription
comStringYesThe code of the courier company to be queried supports all courier companies on this website. For the corresponding company code, see "agogopost logistics company code"。 If you cannot find the company you need, please send an email to us
nuStringYesThe tracking number to be queried, please do not include special symbols, and does not support multiple languages (not case sensitive)

3. Returned Result Jump directly to the page of to display the query result

4. Return Example

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