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Ekart Logistics is India’s most prominent logistics and supply chain arm. They take pride in being the first in many aspects of the Ecommerce world. They were the first in the country to introduce 24/7 running locker services in stores and supermarkets.


Their journey began in 2009 as Flipkart Logistics being Flipkart’s in-house supply chain arm. Their high standards of professionalism and transparency with their customers soon made them re-brand themselves as Ekart Logistics in 2010 to partner up with other eCommerce gurus.


Their flawless execution has led them to become the most extensive logistics offering in India. They ship more than 10 million deliveries a month to around 3900 pin codes.


Ekart Logistics has an extensive delivery partner network making them the pioneer in the shipping industry. They can be your logistic partner and provide accessible business opportunities for your logistics and delivery business. 


They introduced the cash-on-delivery system in India to encourage online shopping and preferred payment mode for people. To gain customer trust, they proposed a 30-day return policy. Ekart guarantees same-day delivery for 13 cities and in-a-day delivery for 50+ cities.


Ekart tracking system uses state-of-the-art technology, which makes real-time courier tracking a piece of cake for them.


Their courier service offers plenty of perks for both business owners and customers. They use AP-based integration for shipment creation which ensures a top-notch delivery experience.


Ekart Logistics offer:


·        First Mile and Last Mile Coverage for fast pick-up and drop from businesses to the customers.


·        Customer Pick-Ups for effortless returns.


·        Easy Payment Options so people can opt for what is convenient for them.


They define their core values as ABC with integrity, where A, B, and C respectively stand for Audacity, Bias for Action, and Customer First.


·        Audacity – Ekart Logistics is audacious enough to take bold steps and change the paradigm of the shipping industry by pushing boundaries.


·        Bias for Action – they effectively use their data and propose novel ideas to improve customer experience.


·        Customer First – they believe in keeping themselves in place of the customer and understanding their core needs. Ekart offers 24/7 customer service.


·        Integrity – Ekart follows the above values with great integrity. They are honest with their customers and believe in being transparent with them.


Ekart Courier service offers end-to-end fulfillment services to business and eCommerce players for guaranteed customer satisfaction.


From their first order on Flipkart in 2007, their never-ending growth journey has now led them to sign a deal with Walmart. They have partnered up with businesses like Mumbai Dabbawallas for LM deliveries and Qikpod for locker deliveries throughout their journey.


Ekart Logistics' dedication, transparency, strong motives, and enduring passion for serving the best have made them the most capable and reliable in the logistics industry.


Their up-to-date tech-enabled supply chain services from the factory to vendors and consumers have altered the logistics and shipping experience for each of them.