Cek Resi Lion Parcel

Cek Resi Lion Parcel paket dan pengiriman. Cek resi Lion Parcel & lacak paket barang kiriman cepat dan akurat seluruh provinsi & kota di indonesia.

Tentang Lion Parcel

Lion Parcel didirikan pada tanggal 14 Februari 2013. Bergerak di bidang jasa titipan yang melayani pengiriman domestik dan internasional yang didukung oleh jaringan dan infrastruktur Lion Group sebagai salah satu maskapai penerbangan terbesar.


Saat ini, Lion Parcel memiliki 7000 mitra yang tersebar di seluruh Indonesia untuk membantu masyarakat terhubung tanpa batas waktu dan jarak.



Build the most reliable and seamless logistic company.


Continuous improvement on every to achieve the highest level of seamless experience and reliability. Internally within the company as a team and externally as our service to the customer.

Make it easy, make it right.


Nilai Perusahaan

Rise to Every Challenge

If someone rises to the challenge, they act in response to a difficult situation which is new to them and are successful.


Show Honest Results

Honesty promotes openness, empowers us and enables us to develop consistency in how we present the facts. Showing honest result mean that everbody provide actual results of the job, even if not the best results.


Innovation Through Collaboration

Collaboration enhances the implementation of innovative ideas and solutions by creating joint ownership, and spreading the risks to a larger group of actors.


Trust The Team

Trust means that you rely on someone else to do the right thing. You believe in the person's integrity and strength, to the extent that you're able to put yourself on the line, at some risk to yourself. Trust is essential to an effective team, because it provides a sense of safety.