Making the eCommerce Shipping Process Effortless
  • Rapid and On Time Cash Collection

    Empower your business’s cash cycle with a fast and flexible cash collection service

  • Low Shipping Rates

    Starts from 28 L.E

  • Reliable Customer Support

    Quick turn around and prompt assistance

  • Free Pick Up

    No any pick up fees,Get your orders picked up for free

  • No Minimum Shipments

    You can easily ship any number of orders, without committing to any specific number of shipments.

  • Bulk Orders

    Easily process all your orders in bulk in a few clicks

  • Free covers/ flyers for packaging

    Working with courier partners to deliver covers/flyers to you for free

  • Ship to all egypt

    Automated Tracking

  • Reliable Customer Support

    Quick turn around and prompt assistance

Partnering With The Best Couriers In Egypt
  • Exclusive Shipping Discounts
    With multiple courier partners, we can now compare and offer you the best courier partner with the discount rates. Starts from 28 L.E
  • Increased Reach
    Not all courier partners cover the same areas. Therefore you need multiple courier partners to cover more areas. Now, therer iss no need to turn down customers based on remote regions.
  • Faster Delivery
    Deliver your products faster than ever by working with the best couriers in Egypt.
Easily Send and Track Your Packages
  • Step 1: Shipment Order Booking

    Place all orders in a few clicks - Support batch order - Ship on pc and mobile

  • Step 2: Pack and Ship

    Pack your orders, print labels and hand it over to the courier.

  • Step 3: Automated Tracking Updates

    You have a clear view of each order and it's current status

Professional Equipment
If you can quickly print large amounts of professional looking labels, and simply stick them to parcels, you will save yourself hours
500 sheets/stack
50 sheets/roll
Product Specifications
Product Name
Thermal Paper Print Rolls
Thermal Induction Printer
CNC Die Cutting
Applicable Models
Thermal Induction Printer