Privacy Policy

Updated: April 7, 2021

Effective: April 7, 2021

Thank you for using agogopost products and services (including website agogopost.com, mobile application and device as well as other related software and services) which will be hereinafter referred to as “agogopost”. “We” used herein means the Company that holds the title of agogopost products as well as its relevant parent company and subsidiaries.

We respect your privacy very much and have carefully made a series of measures to protect your personal information. We hope you will carefully read our privacy policy and protect your personal information in a tangible and effective manner with us. The terms and conditions contained herein are applicable to all products and services of agogopost.

This Privacy Policy is composed of the following terms and conditions:

  • How we collect information

  • How we use the collected data

  • How to manage personal information

  • Personal information disclosure

  • How we use Cookies

  • Children’s privacy information protection

  • Disclaimer of third-party information

  • Supplementary terms applicable to EU visitors

  • Privacy policy update

  • Contact us

Please carefully read all terms and conditions contained herein. If you choose to continue to use agogopost products or services after doing so, it means you have accepted the aforesaid terms and conditions contained herein.

How We Collect Information

We may collect your personal information when you are:

  • Visiting the website agogopost.com

  • Using your mobile application of agogopost

  • Registering as a user of agogopost product

  • Using a third-party service to quickly log in the agogopost product

  • Contacting our customer service personnel

  • Participating in various lottery, promotion, user survey, voting and other operation activities organized by us

  • Interacting with us

During the aforesaid activities, we may also collect and analyze the data produced by you in the activity by our own or third-party technical meansand then further automatically collect some other information:

  • Location information

  • Behavior tracking information based on Cookie

  • Your habit, preference, concerns and other information

  • Tendency analysis data of user groups, including you

We may collect the following data:

  • Basic user information, such as your name, gender, head portrait and nickname

  • Your emailaddress and telephone number

  • Your device information such as device model, operating system and its version, unique device identification, browser type and its version, version of agogopost product, etc.

  • How you connect with your agogopost product or service, such as IP address, session identifier, network connection and network operator

  • Traces of your using an agogopost product, such as browsing record of your visit to the website agogopost.com and data stream generated when you click the agogopost mobile application

  • Your geographical location information

  • Business data necessary for satisfying the functional logic of an agogopost product when you are using it. For example, express waybill number, name of the express company and other information required for query of logistics information of an express waybill

Information Storage and Security Protection

We will store your personal information in the data center created in the area permitted by the laws and regulations of your country (or region).

A series of technical methods and management strategies will be implemented to assure security of your information:

  • Guarantee transmission security of information based on the security socket layer (SSL) and data encryption mechanism

  • For the part of your personal information that involves sensitive information, we will implement encrypted storage, de-sensitive presentation and other technical means to protect the information from disclosure

  • We will establish a completed information management mechanism and only license necessary people to access the data

  • We will preserve your personal information only for necessary time limit, after which we will delete or process it in an anonymous manner

  • We choose to cooperate with computer software and hardware suppliers that can protect the information security

We undertake that we will do our utmost to protect your personal information security. However, it is also understandable that 100% information security doesn’t exist in reality or theory due to any possible technical restrictions and various malicious means. You should know any information security problems arising from the factors beyond our control, for which we will make no warranty or bear no liability. Please assess any information security risk you may face and then decide whether to continue to use the agogopost service or provide us with your personal information.

How We Use the Collected Data

We will use your information we collect in the following manners to provide better services for you and also earn some incomes:

  • We will use your personal information to communicate with you. For example, we will push business information to you by using the email address, telephone number, device information and any other information you submit so that you can be timely informed of any change in the business status. We may also send any activity, promotion and other information to you in the similar manners and you can cancel the subscription to stop receiving similar push messages anytime

  • We will present personalized promotion contents to you based on your habit, preference, concerns, IP address and geographical location, etc. These contents may be promotional information of the agogopost products or other products in which you may be interested .

  • We will analyze the operating statuses of our products and services based on the traces of your using the agogopost products to help us optimize and upgrade our products and services and ensure we can provide you with services of higher quality, higher efficiency and higher reliability

  • We may invite you to participate in some operation activities based on your personal information. For example, we will offer you birthday credit award on your birthday based on your information

How to Manage Personal Information

At any time, you will have the right not to provide us with your personal information. You can:

  • Use the agogopost products as a visitor, instead of a formal registered user

  • Only submit necessary personal information when registering as a user of agogopost

  • Update your personal information

  • Stop receiving emails, short messages, application push messages and others from agogopost

  • Cancel your agogopost account. After cancellation, we will delete or process your personal information in an anonymous manner

  • Forbid the use of Cookies on the website agogopost.com

  • Restrict permissions of the agogopost mobile application such as geolocation permission

When you make any of the aforesaid actions to avoid providing your personal information for us, please understand that our services depend on your personal information, so these services may be affected because you refuse to provide corresponding personal information.

Personal Information Disclosure

We will not sell, lease or exchange your personal information to or with any third party in whatever form, or disclose your personal information to any person or any institution, except:

  • Disclose your personal information to service providers. The agogopost product and service systems may employ the services of some third-party service providers, for this purpose, we have to provide your personal information for them. For example, your geolocation information will be provided for map service provider so that we can use the map service. These service providers will also be subject to relevant terms and conditions contained herein

  • Disclose your personal information as required by laws and regulations. According to the laws and regulations of your country (or region), we may be required to disclose your personal information, and we will disclose your personal information only on an as-needed basis to the extent of necessarity

  • When agogopost or the agogopost product operator is acquired or consolidated, your personal information may be disclosed to other companies, in which case, the terms and conditions contained herein will also be applicable to the company that takes over the right to operate agogopost.

  • When sharing some of your personal information with a third-party, we will process the same in an anonymous manner and no third-party will be capable to identify or locate you or your other related persons via such personal information. For example, we may share the data of commodity types you follow with advertisers to facilitate them to provide you with commodities in which you are interested

How We Use Cookies

If agogopost is allowed to use Cookies when you are visiting agogopost.com, we will use cookies to optimize your user experience:

  • Remember your identity

  • Analyze your use of our services

  • Remember your preference setting

  • Optimize advertisements and present any advertisement information in which you may be interested

By default, most browsers will accept Cookies and you can set your browser to lower the permission level or disable Cookies. Such restriction may affect your use of some functions that depend on Cookies on the website agogopost.com.

Children’s Privacy Information Protection

We pay much attention to children’s privacy information protection. We will not intend to collect any personal information of children aged below 18. If you are aged below 18, please don’t submit your personal information to us and we recommend you not to use our products and services. If you continue to use our products and services, this means you assure you are aged above 18 or you are using them under the guidance of your guardian.

Disclaimer of Third-Party Information

Agogopost products contain the links of other express and logistic providers or such other third-party companies, which are not operated or maintained by us, and your provision of personal information for these websites will not be covered by this Privacy Policy. You should carefully assess the information security risk you will face when accessing these websites, and we will bear no liability therefor.

Supplementary Terms Applicable to EU Visitors

These supplementary terms and conditions are only applicable when visitors who come from EU member states use the agogopost products and services. As a visiter from an EU member state, you can:

  • Oppose our processing of your personal information or request for restricting the way in which we process your personal information

  • Ask for our methods to access, transplant, correct, update and delete your personal information

  • We will use your personal information with your prior consent and you can withdraw anytime an earlier consent you provide without prejudice to the legality of the processing conducted before the withdrawal

You can use the contact information specified in the “Contact Us” part here to contact us and submit your request for your preferred manner of the aforesaid ones to us.

Privacy Policy Update

Any change or update hereof will be published in the display location for this Privacy Policy of the agogopost product. Moreover, in case such change may cut your actual rights hereunder, we will present the change in a notable location of the agogopost product before the change takes effect or send you an email to notify you. We suggest you follow the change or update hereof. If you continue to use the agogopost product after informed of any change in this Privacy Policy, it means you agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy after the change.

Contact Us

For any question about this Privacy Policy, you can send an email to aogogpost@agogopost.com to contact us.