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Shadowfax is India’s most prominent logistics and delivery company. They are working in more than 500 cities. They handle 500k+ orders per day for a vast logistics partner network crossing over 150,000 partners through multi-modal platforms. They drive bikes, minivans, trucks, airlines, and even electric vehicles.


The company allows businesses to plug and play into its ultramodern logistics technology and delivery services. They specialize in Hyperlocal Technology, On-demand Services, Local Delivery, Logistics, Ecommerce, and Food Delivery.


They started in 2015 with 15k delivery orders per day. However, through outstanding customer experience, their orders have crossed half a million in a day.


They named their logistics company after ‘Shadowfax’, the mythical horse in ‘Lords of the Rings’ . It is considered a perfect example of immense speed and communication. It shows the company's agility and reliability in logistics.


They have come up with four solutions to tackle all sorts of logistics and deliveries. They cover almost every segment for delivery needs.


Their Hyperlocal service is called ‘Now’, which has multiple models to take care of all sorts of deliveries.


·        Now Plus – this is for high-valued items such as alcoholic beverages and other luxurious products that require adept delivery partners.


·        Now Slot Delivery – things like groceries that are needed promptly are delivered through this quick pick-up and drop model.


·        Now RetailGo – Retail Chains and Quick Service Restaurants use this delivery model to provide a timely delivery experience to their customers.


·        Now Express 45 – pharma products, food, and grocery items that need instant delivery are delivered through this model within 45 minutes.


·         Now Postman Delivery – this is ideal for workforce models such as pharma and postman services.


·        Now Truck on Call – affordable on-demand mini truck deliveries for MSMEs.


·        Now Truck on Rent – this is intra-city logistics for FMCG and consumer durables.


For tech-driven instant deliveries, the Shadowfax uses a solution termed ‘Connect’. Shadowfax tracking system is advanced, and they live-track 50,000+ drivers. Their Connect models are:


·        E-Com Connect – this caters to increasing e-commerce demands at pocket-friendly rates.


·        E-Quick Connect – this model is for Ecommerce and online sellers to ensure staffing availability.


·        E-Com Return Connect – reverse shipments are processed through this model.


·        Courier Connect – this courier solution offers tech-powered maximum flexibility deliveries for retailers, enterprises, and individuals.


·        Cargo Connect – third-party logistics offerings for groceries and oversized shipments.


·        Economy Express – oversized PTL shipments delivered at affordable rates and competitive TATs.


Shadowfax’s end-to-end logistics and delivery solutions are named' E2E’.


·        E2E Rapid——For fast-moving consumer goods, Shadowfax warehouse provides end-to-end logistics and express delivery within 24 hours TAT. It provides a comprehensive and effective supply chain management system.


·        E-Godown – Shadowfax offers tech-enabled logistics services. It also manages the entire supply chain network spectrum from the factory to vendors and consumers.


Their fourth service is Shadowfax Next that offers Shadowfax Assist for handling high priority and critical documents.


Be it instant deliveries, logistics offerings, or reverse logistics services; none can beat the Shadowfax market in India. They are driven by newest shadowfax technologies, integrity, strong morals, and ethics.


Their endless new ideas have made them the dominant shipping provider in the industry. 


How to update Shadowfax track order status

Shadowfax Courier Tracking service is open for everyone with the Shadowfax tracking number. You can either use the third-party App like Agogopost to get updates from Shadowfax order tracking system. You also can go to the Shadowfax delivery tracking page for the latest delivery status.